August – Salon Marketing Plan

Recruitment • Local Events •  Summer • Music Festivals


August is a very quiet month for national events in the UK and US – so be sure to look for what is happening in your town/city for ideas.

Some “local” events of note : Beatles Weekend in Liverpool, Reading Festival, Notting Hill Carnival. And in the UK there is a Bank Holiday on the 31st – so plan ahead to get the most of the long weekend and parties.

It is also the time of year when many salons are looking to recruit school leavers as trainees/apprentices – so click the left image above to get 10 images that  are the perfect size for facebook adverts but can also be used for posts.

TOP 10 Tips

As it is a quiet month for marketing – focus on these other important things you can do to improve your salon website.

  1. Look at your Google analytics for web traffic
  2. Look at your Google Rank report we send you for keywords that need improving
  3. Plan articles with your manager aimed at those keywords
  4. Ask us about creative ways to use late deals for events or targeted for key staff
  5. Plan a Home page make-over with new images
  6. Send a Newsletter EVERY month
  7. Update your staff bios with Instagram galleries or videos
  8. Use facebook to promote your website pages with links – not just chatter
  9. Run a facebook advert for an offer with a small budget and highly targeted.
  10.  TALK TO US. We are a mine of information and full of ideas. Just book a call 🙂

Content Ideas – articles, social posts, images

Use these key marketing ideas with the help and guidance of our team for facebook posts, articles on the website, new Home page images.:

  • Make the most of summer : hair color, holiday styles, nails, waxing, tanning, summer make-up etc.
  • Hair Repair for during and after holidays: : dry hair shampoo, intense moisturisers, smoothing treatments.
  • Summer Beauty treatments.

Late Deals

Boost your Late Deals by adding seasonal Summer services. There is a link to a Late Deals image gallery below for adverts and posts.

  • Gents Cuts, Colours & Shaves
  • Tanning & Waxing
  • Highlights, blondes, beachy waves
  • Manicures/Pedicures
  • Roots/Hair Colour Change

August e-Shot

Your client manager can create a Newsletter that makes the most of your Salon offers and seasonal summer services/products – directing traffic to your salon’s website.

  • Late Deals
  • Summer Hair Colour & Beauty Offers

Targeted Facebook Adverts

Create a targeted facebook advert and feel free to use the adverts below.

You should also do this throughout the year for Late Deals, New Client Offers, Hair Colour Offers and Recruitment. – See links below for images.

We create pages on your website that these adverts will be linked to, driving more traffic to the website.

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