Salon Websites and Marketing – does your expert do all this ?



The best online Salon Marketing is about FAR more than just a website.

This is what we provide to our Salon clients, giving them –

the BEST Salon Websites & Marketing in the world

Use this as a check-list of what you CAN and should be doing to get –

a much BUSIER Salon

The best Salon Websites & Marketing

you can get all this in our Salon Website & Marketing packages……

Website Design – the pretty stuff- The best salon website design is about more than just looking good – but with great designers we do that too 🙂
Check-out our many examples of attractive, busy and profitable Salon Websites
Website Design – the clever stuff – It is the tools and systems we add to our websites that make them unique.
It is ALL about more clients, more salon income and more website visitors.
Great content that brings LOTS of web visitors – We add all the pages, words, images and videos to gets LOTS of visitors through exceptional search engine ranking
You can change ALL your website content- Everything on your Salon website can be changed by YOU.
No paying for expensive web developers when you have new promotions, products or News stories
Advert banners that rotate and SELL – On any or all pages you can have automatically rotating banner adverts for your salon.
This is the BEST way to ensure every visitor knows about your most important offers and promotions
Promotions on EVERY Page – lets you SELL your salon services, products and offers on ANY page
Home Page Featured Stories  – You can easily add the latest Salon News, product information, videos – or any other News to your Home Page with “featured stories”
Inner page – banners, promotions and adverts – No matter where your visitors go within your website, you can show them the most important product promotions, offers and news.
All banners, promotion boxes and adverts are under your control to promote your salon and services
YouTube Videos on your site – your own TV channel – Videos are a great way to catch the attention of web browsers and ensure they become new Salon clients
We can embed videos into your website and also create a YouTube channel – your very own TV station
Detailed stats – how many, who, what, when? – A good Salon Website only good if it is busy! Know how many people visit, what pages they read, what they clicked and what search term they used on Google to find you.
All this information stored every second and available in easy-to-read graphs and reports. Don’t take our word that your website is busy – see for yourself
Downloadable Vouchers – to get NEW clients – Grabbing the attention of the hundreds of web visitors is not easy – but downloadable vouchers work better than anything else.
We have installed hundreds of these and they have been taken by tens of thousands of clients.
The BEST way to get new clients
Name & Email Capture for LOTS of effective marketing  – Every Voucher download also captures the clients name and email – giving you thousands of potential clients for future mail shots
Newsletter sign-up and database – Simple and quick forms capture names and emails for Newsletters – and more potential clients!
Downloadable Guides – get more new clients – We can create stunning downloadable PDF Free Guides for Hair Color, Extensions – or anything else.
Clients LOVE them and they bring more salon business. See this great example
Pinterest – the fastest growing Social Network and out tool lets them add your website pictures to their Board with one click. And you get valuable back-links.
Hosting on 2 continents for FAST websites – We have dedicated servers on two continents to make sure your Salon Website is super-fast
Security – all the clever stuff so you never get hacked – Our servers have state-of-the-art security barriers to make sure your website and data is safe.
And automated daily backups for peace of mind
Sitemaps – sent every day to all search engines – We update your pages and posts EVERY day on all the search engines to maximise your website visitors and search rank

Other salon website & Marketing services……

Late Deals – no more quiet days in the Salon – Sell you empty appointment slots with Late Deals.
Quickly and easily add deals to your website and Facebook Tabs with automatic tracking and emails to the salon and client
Automated Customer Surveys – brings NEW clients – Our amazing Salon Client Survey Tool embeds your own personalised survey onto your website.
You can ask new questions based on answers given, send automatic emails, add vouchers, send gifts…
Imagine EVERY new client completing a survey, sending recommendations to friends, providing feedback for your reviews page, getting a thank you email and a 2nd visit gift voucher.
Reviews posted to Google of your best client feedback – Getting client feedback for Google reviews is hard work in the salon.
Our tool does this automatically from your website creating hundreds of positive reviews posted to the internet.
You can even post feedback from your automated Client Surveys
Video photo-montages – to add interest to your site – If you do not have videos, produced in-salon or from suppliers, we can create eye-catching videos from photos, add music, post to YouTube and embed on your website. See this example.
Super-Fans system for viral messaging – Imagine 100 “super fans” promoting your Salon online with Facebook and Twitter – or offline in social groups, sports clubs and among friends.
We have a tool that automates the whole process and measures their success
Online Salon Magazines – grab attention & sell your Salon – Online Salon Magazines are easy to create and great embedded on you website. See these great examples
Pop-ups to grab attention and sign-ups – We offer totally automatic pop-ups to remind browsers to download a free guide, sign-up for a Newsletter or read the latest promotion/story
Chat to you clients LIVE when they are on your website – Live text chat with your clients to answer questions, book an appointment, give advice…
You can even take messages on your mobile phone (optional).