This is our free guide to Recruiting Salon staff – both skilled stylists and trainees.

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Salon recruitment - our step by step guideLanding Pages that impress.

– Make sure your website has a really good recruitment page relevant to each position i.e. a page for Stylists AND a page for Apprentices. We have a gallery of Salon Recruitment images here and can add more if needed. These pages are important as ALL other steps lead here.

– Think about your target audience and what they want to know.  How much will I earn?  Will there be opportunities to train and develop?  Will I fit in with the team?  Do I have the right skills and experience?  Can I learn barbering skills as well as hairdressing?  You also need to ‘sell’ your salon – why would a stylist want to work at your salon? 

– Make it easy for people to apply.  Have a simple enquiry form on your recruitment pages.  The form should include space for Name, Email, Phone Number.  Make it clear you’ll call them back quickly.  

Examples –  Voodou Liverpool and Revive in Manchester.

Salon recruitment - our step by step guideSpread the message using facebook

– Use eye-catching imagery, headlines and an enticing sentence to direct people to your website recruitment pages.  Pin your recruitment message to the top of your salon facebook page.  Boost your post to reach a wider audience but target by location/radius.

– Encourage your staff to share the facebook post.  After all, they will have friends who are stylists!

– Create a Facebook Advert.  Salon Guru can  help you create a Facebook Advert that will target people within a radius of your salon who are stylists or work in the hairdressing industry.  These adverts only reach people interested in hairdressing and can reach several hundred stylists within a week at a cost of just £5 a day. Example targeted advert Voodou

Salon recruitment - our step by step guide  Advertise via ( in the US) or search their database of CVs 

Use indeed to advertise your vacancy. There are various levels of service available, from a free service where you can post your job description and wait to see what happens, to the ability to sponsor jobs to attract more candidates.  You can also search through CVs for ‘hair stylists’ in your ‘location’ and email candidates directly.

Salon recruitment - our step by step guide  Create a Google Advert Campaign

Create an advert that is pinned to the top of Google to advertise your vacancy just for people actively searching for a position.  This is the most effective way to target stylists and potential trainees.  Consider running the advert initially for one week at £5 a day to reach as many people as possible.  Salon Guru can create your Google Advert campaign but bear in mind that it takes a few days (and has a cost) as a great deal of work goes into getting the correct search trigger phrases for your adverts. 

Salon recruitment - our step by step guide Make use of local advertising

– Consider putting an advert in your local newspapers, magazines and free sheets.  Check out how many people the publication reaches and how much your advert is going to cost.  Will you need to produce the advert in a particular format?  What are the design restrictions? 

– Consider running a radio campaign.  Although this can be quite pricey, some salons also use local radio advertising – remember to direct people to your website for more information.

Salon recruitment - our step by step guide  Create eye-catching posters

Design some eye-catching posters to promote your vacancy.  Add them to your salon window and walls.  See if the local library or shops will display your posters too. Make sure you include your salon name, location & contact details. Salon Guru can direct you towards a good poster designer.


When it comes to recruiting salon apprentices, you can also use many of the above options.  

When writing your page and adverts you need to address the 16-18 year age group, but also bear in mind that many parents will also be interested in exploring options for their teenagers too.  

Make your apprenticeship programme sound exciting and interesting, with great opportunities for further education, training, development and the chance to earn while you learn.  

Reassure parents that their teen will be in good hands under your care. 

Consider building relationships with local colleges and schools around you. 

Get involved with work experience programmes in schools and colleges, where possible.