How to get a LOT of New Salon Clients

UPDATED to show the actual results over the 16 weeks of the campaign.

This is not a 1 minute read - but it IS a very detailed plan of how any salon can attract a LOT of new clients.

Voodou are a small chain of 4 salons in Liverpool and they asked us to plan an aggressive marketing campaign to get new salon clients. As they are near universities they need a large number of new clients each year to replace those that move away.

Their spend on advertising may be much higher than you can afford - but you could spend 10% of the amount and get 10% of their result.

The results for the 16 weeks.

  • An average of 117 New Clients every week
  • Over £6,900 ($8,800) of new income every week
  • Number of New Client Vouchers downloaded : 4,644
  • Number of Vouchers used in-salon : 1,882
  • Income from the New Client visits : £110,584 ($141,000)

Salon New Client Campaign - Step 1

Create a new page on the salon website to...

  • explain the offer
  • define the Terms
  • capture client info
  • send the Salon New Client voucher via email

Click the image to visit the New Client Offer page >>>

Salon New Client Campaign - Step 2

Create a series of facebook adverts..

  • 1 Male and 1 Female campaign
  • a set of rotating videos & images
  • each advert with different text
  • targeted by gender & age
  • targeted by location
  • a daily budget of what to spend

Click the image to see a preview of the advert in your Newsfeed >>>

More numbers for the Salon New Client Campaign

Over the 1st 16 weeks the salon spent £9,329 ($12,000) on facebook adverts to get £110,000 ($141,000) of income.

You could spend 10% of this budget and plan for 10% of the outcome.

The results in detail...

  • seen by over 1/4 million people
  • clicked by 31,000 people
  • 1,882 vouchers used in-salon
  • income of over £110,000 ($140,000)
  • average bill £59 ($75)
  • cost per client acquisition  £4.95 ($6.31)
  • cost per £1 of income 8p (8c per $)