GUIDE-MARKETING HEALTH CHECKHow to improve your Salon Website and Marketing

The 1st step is knowing where you are now.

  • is your salon website well-designed?
  • is your salon ranked high on search engines?
  • does your Facebook Page attract new clients?

Our Salon Website and Marketing Audit will look at your Salon Website, Facebook Page and Internet Marketing and provide feedback on both your strengths and weaknesses.

Our expert advice is FREE !

What the Salon Marketing Audit Report includes :

  • A Google rank report for your salon and high-value phrases in your town/city. You will learn the visibility of your website to potential new clients.
  • A comprehensive audit of your salon’s website, looking at the structure, content and coding. The report has conclusions and suggestions.
  • Recommendations of the most important changes needed to boost your website’s search rank (SEO) and traffic.
  • An audit of your facebook page, looking at fan numbers, engagement and quality of content.
  • Suggestions of how to improve your facebook reach and fan numbers.
  • An optional call with Phil Evans(MD of Salon Guru) to discuss the results.

This quality of expert advice from a world-leading authority should cost at least £1,500 or $2,000 – but the Salon Website and Marketing Audit Report is available in limited numbers for FREE.


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We will then carry out a detailed review of your salon website, social media and online marketing.


We will email your free Audit Report once completed - and offer a call from our MD to help you understand the results.

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salon websites & marketing featureThe report helps with an existing Salon Website. If you are just starting out use these links instead:
4 Free Guides to Facebook for salons and the tools to fix the most common Salon Websites problems