Packages & Prices

Salon Guru understands that each business is unique, with their own goals to achieve and problems to solve. That's why we offer a tailored approach to website development, ensuring that every site we create is perfectly aligned with the needs and aspirations of the client.

Before proposing one of 4 packages, our team will review your current website, online marketing and business objectives. This step is crucial as it allows us to recommend the most suitable website package and asses your ongoing marketing needs. 

Understanding the 2 phases of what we deliver....

There are two phases to the services we provide to our salons & clinics.

Phase 1 - the Build
This is when we create & launch the website with all the content to get you to the top of Google search.

Phase 2 - the Marketing
Every month we work with you and for you to grow your business with website blogs, email newsletters, offers, Facebook & Instagram adverts and a lot more.
Phase 2 is optional, but 90% of our clients progress to Phase 2 to get the most from our exceptional skills at driving new clients to your door.

1. Designing & Building your new website

The Build phase includes…

  • the design - layout, colours, fonts, image and video placement
  • the content - all the pages that we will create to get your website to the top of Google search
  • optional extra features like gift vouchers or an online store

As each client has a unique budget and level of ambition for growth, we offer 4 different Build packages, each with a set number of hours to allow for simple or complex site builds. The package you need may also be affected by your current website complexity e.g. the size of a blog or the number of products to be imported. 

Build 15 is our simplest website with the key business information pages.
The design, layout, fonts and content are fully customisable for each client.
Ideal for small businesses that need a great website quickly. 

Typical pages

Package details
Gives 15 hours of Build time
Cost £1,050

Build 25 an expanded website with a broader range of service pages.
Suitable for smaller salons and clinics that want more service pages for better SEO.
Ideal for salons & clinics that want a presence in local search results.

Typical pages
3 or more detailed service pages

Package details
Gives 25 hours of Build time
Cost £1,750

Build 35 our most popular package for medium to large salons and clinics.
More detailed service pages mean much better SEO and more web traffic.
Ideal for an ambitious salon or clinic that needs growth.

Typical pages
5 or more detailed service pages

Package details
Gives 35 hours of Build time
Cost £2,450

Build 45 for a salon or clinic with multiple locations, or many complex service pages.
Complex conversions of an existing website will also fall into this package.
Ideal for a salon or clinic that wants to dominate Google search and maximise growth.

Typical pages
Many detailed service pages
Online store

Package details
Gives 45 hours of Build time
Cost £3,150

Payment Notes
The prices above are invoiced as a 50% order deposit and a 50% balance on launch.
Or, payments can be spread over 6 equal monthly payments for a 10% uplift.
All prices exclude VAT.
Your new website typically takes 6-8 weeks to create and launch, but this can be quicker or slower depending on how fast you can provide information like staff details, price lists, images, videos etc.
If your website Build & launch takes less than the hours in your package, those “surplus” hours are carried forward as a Marketing balance you can use for the rest of year 1.

2. Marketing for more clients

Once your new website is launched, our focus turns to energetic monthly campaigns to attract a lot of new web traffic, clients and income for your business. For the maximum effect, this should start immediately after the website launch.

Each client agrees on a number of Marketing hours each month for the coming year that gives us the time to help grow your business through a range of activities that can include......

  • Updates to your website each month with seasonal content and blogs. Great for Google rank and client engagement.
  • Changes to information like hours, prices, staff, suppliers, products or new service pages.
  • Regular client email newsletters to boost bookings and promote key services & products. We design, write & send the newsletters for you.
  • Social media advice on how to use Facebook & Instagram to gain followers and clients. What and when to post and how to use Meta adverts.
  • Understanding and improving your Google Business profile to get more website visitors and clients.
  • Regular reports on your improved Google rank and SEO and the increased web traffic it brings

Like the Build phase, we offer several monthly Marketing subscriptions that reflect your budget and your ambition for growth.  We will advise you on how many hours per month we suggest for Marketing. This could be from 2 to 6 hours per month.

We charge £80 per hour for the marketing for a minimum of 12 months after the website launch.  So a Marketing subscription of 2 hours will be £160 a month, 5 hours will be £400.

Every Marketing subscription also includes time and cost for us to host your website on our dedicated servers, update all software each week, take data backups and manage security.

Should you choose not to have a marketing subscription at any time (a zero-hours contract) then the hosting and maintenance is charged at a monthly rate of £25, £50, £100 or £120 depending on your Build package.