a Salon New Client promotion – the incredible results

New Client Salon Marketing Campaign

An example of a promotion to get New Salon Clients at Voodou Liverpool that produced over £24,000 / $37,000 in just 10 weeks.

Follow this link for another example of a how to get new salon clients from Christian Wiles Hairdressing.


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How to run the best New Client Salon Marketing Campaign online

Attracting new clients can be one of the biggest challenges for a Hair Salon, and all your local salons will be competing for the attention of the same group of people.

So how do you plan an online Salon Marketing Campaign that will grab their attention and bring you lots of new Salon clients?

These are the actual results from a salon marketing campaign we ran  – and the results are remarkable.


The Salon Offer

The salon attracts a lot of Students from 3 local universities and they ran a well-planned online salon marketing campaign specifically targeting new students in the city.

Students always get a standard 20% discount on Salon prices – so for new student clients that was increased to 50% off the full price for their 1st visit on any hair service.


The Salon Marketing Campaign

Over a number of years the Hair Salon has invested in their Salon Facebook Page and their Salon Website – and so they had the ability to reach the maximum number of people  –

  • their Facebook Page has over 16,000 Fans. It has taken almost 4 years to grow from a starting point of zero to this impressive Facebook Fan count
  • their salon website gets over 20,000 visitors a month. Very effective salon search optimisation mean they are ranked number 1 on Google for every salon related search phrase in their area

Ranked 1 and 2 on Google for Student Hair Discount and also Student Salon Discount

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How the Salon marketing pushed the New Client offer

At the start of the new term they put a banner advert on their Salon Website Home Page (shown at the top of this article) which linked to a Salon website page that allowed New Salon Clients to enter their name and email and receive an automatic email response. This email was the voucher to be brought into the salon and also detailed any Terms and Conditions.

The same week they started heavily promoting the Salon New Client offer on their Facebook page and changed their Facebook image with a “Student Discount” splash message.

They also placed large posters in their salon windows to promote the offer.


The results of the New Client campaign

 The campaign ran for almost 10 weeks, from 20th September to 27th November.

A total of 1,472 Salon New Client Vouchers were downloaded

Income generated by the offer was just under £24,000 or US $37,000

Facebook produced 15% of the vouchers downloaded, the Salon website 85%

The name and email captured was used for follow-up reminder emails before the offer closed

salon new client promotion

Summary of the Salon New Client promotion

The campaign produced incredible results over a short period, but it was able to do this because of the Salon’s investment in a a “well-liked” Facebook page and a very busy Salon website.