If you want your salon to be busier with lots of new clients, your number one priority is your Salon's Search Engine Rank.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for Salons is a complex and ever-changing issue. But any salon owner who wants a high-performance website needs to recognise their massive effect on salon income

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines. The earlier or higher on the page the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

So SEO for Salons is all about making sure your salon website appears high in the search results from Google and other search engines so that you get the maximum number of website visitors.

Your salon's search engine rank

You could try some searches on Google in your city or region and see where you are ranked. Use phrases like "hair salons in...." "massage in..." or "balayage in...." with your location.

Or, use the button below to request a free and detailed rank report for your salon with suggestions and comparison to other salons.

Most people will not read past about the top 5 entries in the search results, so if your salon is listed lower your search traffic will be low, particularly if all your competitors are listed in the top 5. Your position in the results is called your "search engine ranking".

So now we recognise the importance of search engines, how do we get our salon website a higher ranking with SEO for Salons?

Search engines give their results in order of "relevance" or "importance" i.e. they are trying to give you the best possible answer to the question you asked - your search. So if I asked for "hair salons in Chelsea" I get a long list of suitable websites. In fact a list of 350,000 possible "answers".

Search engines decide rank  by looking at all these factors -

is the content of the site relevant? It checks ALL the words, images and headlines on every page to see if they have the "right" amount of the search salon keywords.

is the website busy and up-to-date? A website with high traffic for the phrase you used is likely to be relevant, and one that is regularly updated is given added importance.

what other sites link to this site? Search engines will give higher priority to a site that has lots of good "external links". i.e. other  websites have links that point to your website.

So to get a great ranking for "hair salons in Chelsea" you need just the right amount of content, salon keywords, lots of people coming to your site for the new content and lots of other websites linking to you.

Hairdressing & Beauty Salon search keywords and phrases

So getting a higher search engine rank with SEO for Salons is all about constantly tweaking each of your pages to make each one more relevant and linked-to for a set of salon keywords and phrases.

Salon search Keywords

A good SEO for Salons campaign would start with possibly 20 salon keywords and phrases that would bring traffic e.g.

  • Hair salon Chelsea
  • Best salon in Chelsea
  • Hair colour Chelsea
  • Colour correction Chelsea

For each of these salon keywords  and phrases different pages within your website could be "optimised" with the right percentage of keywords, matching headings and images, and inbound links from other sites.

Over time the keywords and phrases should develop to include all your services and products with every variation possible. And unfortunately, it never ends, as search engines regularly change their methods, new products and services need promotion and, most importantly, you strive for ever-better rankings

When used to maximum effect, the results and traffic to your website are exceptional. This example salon has constantly worked on their website SEO for Salons for 2 years with these results in their large city -

  • Hair salon in... - 1st
  • Salons in... 1st
  • Best salon ... 1st
  • Colour correction ... 1st
  • Hair cut .. 1st and 2nd
  • Barber shop ... 1st

This may seem quite a reasonable keyword list, but their 6,000+ website visitors each month from Google searches use over 1,500 words and phrases, so the SEO for salons battle never ends and should be seen as a campaign over the long term.

Monitoring and improving your salons SEO, web traffic and rank

Understanding the importance of SEO for your salon is stage 1, but stage 2 is doing the hard work to improve your rank results through the best SEO methods and tools.

Stage 3 is monitoring your SEO results. We advise all our salon clients to request their google rank report every 3 months and work with us to identify phrases we want to "do better".

You should also use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to understand your salon's web traffic. Use the button at the bottom to read more.

  • How many visitors to my site by day, week and month?
  • Where do they come from - searches, social media, email links?
  • Which pages do they visit?
  • How long do they stay?
  • Which links do they click?
  • Where are they from geographically?