Olaplex – how a Salon can Market this service

The revolutionary Olaplex system has dominated conversations in the UK & US hair industry over recent months.

Hair salons across the world are raving about the incredible hair colour transformation services that  they are now able to offer their clients. Suddenly the capabilities of switching colour without damaging the integrity of the hair are endless.  Even to the less ambitious hairdressers, colour has become exciting....colourists are inspired.

From the Olapex website...

Go Blonder. Push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of hair. From the photo shoot to the salon chair, colorists are set free from the fear of damaged hair.

Olaplex salon marketing

So how have Olaplex spread their marketing message?

Olaplex has built a 'sharing' momentum within our industry like never before. In the words of Leslie Spears, the man who brought this revolutionary product to the UK hair market, 'Olaplex is about passion, quality and sharing.'

Guy Tang has overnight become the most followed hairdresser in the world on social media with 957,00 Instagram followers.  He was the celebrity at Salon International with queues of stylists battling for a "selfie" with him. High profile stylists and ambassadors, including Paul Edmond's super stylist Jack Howard, are shouting about the Olaplex brand on their websites and on social media to huge audiences.

How can hair salons use Olaplex to engage with their clients and cultivate potential clients online?

Olaplex transformations are visual and high impact.  Before and after shots show an impressive story - suddenly you can make your clients dreams come true!

Capitalise on it!  The solution is simple - an Olaplex hair make-over will attract attention.  Before and after shots will make people stop and stare.

Follow these simple steps :

  • olaplex salon marketingTake before and after image shots
  • With your client's agreement, upload images on to all salon social platforms and use the obvious #'s.  Include #olaplex . This super-brand support their salons and stylists on social media using shares, retweets and likes with comments.  Become part of their community!
  • Your salon website should be a hub of Olaplex information for clients and prospective clients to view your work and become inspired to book. Use your colour transformations to impress and engage.  Be sure to optimise images with appropriate tags and write valuable content to explain the colour transformation.
  • Encourage reviews!  If you have wowed your clients,  then make sure they shout about it on your website and on their own social media pages.  If your clients share the transformation themselves, then your reach will be more widespread across their friends and followers.  The more reviews that are showcased on your website, the more encouraging it is for new clients to see when they research your services.


More Olaplex marketing online tips...

  • See how one of our salon clients used these Olaplex marketing tips
  • Use some of the great videos on the Olaplex channel on Youtube.
  • Post video links to Social Media or better still, embed them on your website.
  • Become the "expert salon on Olaplex in your area" by posting information.
  • Ask your staff to share their Olaplex experiences and enthusiasm on their own social media.
  • Get short videos of happy clients talking about their Olaplex transformations.
  • Create an "Olaplex buzz among staff and clients. Enthusiasm sells!!