A guide: more clients from search engines

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Google is your town's online High Street.
The better positioned your website, the more business will walk through your salon door.

This website has masses of information on how to bring more salon clients from Google search, so this guide will provide the structure, and links to more information, to help you create a plan to improve your salon's search engine rank.

google search for salonsPlease note this guide explains your search rank as shown on this image in purple (click to enlarge). Your Google Map and Business Listing are separate issues and explained in detail here.

Our client Giannasso Salon is number 1 on the listing and the 1st and 2nd salon on search results.

First, some facts about why being near the top of search results is so important:

  • People who are searching for phrases like balayage prices or lip fillers are actively looking for more information on a service you provide. So these people are about to buy and are making choices of where and when.
  • Google has a 93% market share for search, so don't worry about Bing, Yahoo and the others.
  • If you are top of Google as number 1 on searches you get twice the clicks than the number 2 position, and 3 times the number 3 position.

Step 1. What is your rank today?

Where do you rank for keywords and phrases for your city/town or region?  First, create a list of words for your services e.g. balayage, then extend each word into a set of phrases like balayage prices, balayage reviews, best salon for balayage

Now search on Google for those phrases and keep a note of where your salon ranks. This means that as you identify and fix problems you can track your search position improvements.

Or request a totally free Google rank report for your salon. We check about 80 phrases that match your services in your location and send you the results and some suggestions on how to improve.

Step 2. Look at the competition

When doing the searches above, look which salons often get the top 3 places on the results. Visit each website and page that ranks well and look at the content (text, images, videos) for inspiration. 

Step 3. Plan new or updated content

The key to a higher rank is a page on your site that has information for what the client is searching for. So for balayage and all its related phrases you need a good balayage page with lots of text, some great images or even a video. If you look at the salon placed number 1 that is what they will have.

Do this for all your key services so that each has its own information-rich page about that service.

Step 4. Monitor your changes to rank and traffic

Once you have added some pages as above, wait a month then request a new rank report. It will show much improved results for your phrases that will keep improving as your website gets more content.

But you should also measure the number of people that visit your website using a free tool like Google Analytics. If you don't have it installed, ask your web company to add it today. Read more about Google Analytics.

Are you too busy running your salon to do what is needed?

Let us to do the work for you. We offer salon website prices to suit all budgets that guarantee a massively improved Google rank.