Google adwords for Hair & Beauty salons – we are the experts

Google Adwords can be an incredible way to put your salon at the top of google searches and attract lots of new clients.

It can also be an enormously costly and wasteful use of your money if not managed correctly.

We have created and managed many AdWords campaigns for salons of all sizes in both the US and the UK for a number of years - so have the knowledge of how to run the best salon AdWords campaign at the lowest cost.

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ALL of our clients are Hair, Beauty & Aesthetic Salons in the UK, Ireland and USA.
This means we UNDERSTAND your business and your clients better than anyone else.


How we plan and create the best Google AdWords campaigns for salons...

  1.  We identify the group of phrases we will target e.g. Hair Extensions, Lip Filler or Balayage.
  2.  We ensure the salon website landing page is perfectly written for keywords (to reduce click costs) and client actions (to ensure web visitors become clients).
  3.  We create the keyword list with all variations, match types and negative keywords.
  4.  We create google adverts with adgroups, titles, descriptions and links
  5.  We manage the campaign adding more adgroups and phrases as the results are analysed.

The Costs of Google adwords PPC for salons...

For each Campaign (a group of closely related phrases like Balayage) there is a setup cost that covers steps 1-4 above of ..

Then there is a monthly management and analysis costs for 3 months of ...

Please contact us to discuss a bespoke quotation and price for your salon's Google Adwords campaign.

Want to know more about Google adverts for Salons?

We are happy to share with you the actual results of our many UK and US salon AdWords campaigns. This includes detailed stats on Clicks, Costs and Conversions.

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We have run Google Adwords campaigns for Salons including...

  • SalonIQ the Uk's leading software provider for salons
  • Monaco Salon Tampa
  • Afrotherapy London
  • Glo Extensions Denver
  • SJ Forbes Windsor & Egham
  • Wigs & Warpaint Sheffield
  • Zigzag Salons Milton Keynes
  • Zappas Salons - 8 locations
  • Ubuntu Oxford
  • and many more salons.....