Salon new client campaigns using Facebook & Instagram adverts

On this page read an introduction to the many Facebook & Instagram adverts we have run for salons and clinics.

And then read the very detailed description of the campaign that won "Best Salon Marketing Campaign" with all the costs and results.

As we help over 220 salons (and have for almost 20 years) it means we have LOTS of opportunity to test the best way to get new clients.

These are the results from some recent campaigns (from over 50 we ran).

The "offer" will vary from salon to salon, as will their daily budget for spending on advert clicks.

If you are a salon in the USA - click here to see the results in dollars.

A salon facebook advert with a mid-range budget of £25 a day.


The Results over 1 month...

  • Seen by 26,000 people
  • 3,400 clicked the advert
  • 144 vouchers taken
  • Cost per click 12p
  • Spent on adverts £405
  • Cost per voucher download £2.81

To see the actual advert...
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A salon facebook advert with a large budget of £80 a day.


The Results Jan-Mar...

  • 616 vouchers taken
  • An average of 7 a day
  • Cost per click 39p
  • Cost per voucher download £8.31
  • Value redeemed in-salon £65,000
  • Spent on adverts £6,251
  • For every £1 spent £10.40 income generated (from first visit alone)

To see the actual advert...
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The Voodou salons have twice won Salon Marketing Campaign of the Year, scooping the latest award at the Hairdressing Business Awards, while also previously being named Best Salon Website. 

Marketing is vital to the growth of any business and Voodou worked closely with Salon Guru to create the award-winning campaign that has become an international benchmark for other salons.

Throughout the year-long campaign, the process was measured, monitored and tweaked until it was perfect and brought in new colour clients on a spend of just £3 per client ($3.70).

Once a client visited the salon, they would receive emails and texts to encourage future visits.  The whole campaign was linked to Voodou’s website which has won awards for Best Salon Website and Best Online Salon.

Created by Salon Guru, the website is constantly evolving and has more than 200,000 visitors each year - due to excellent search engine optimisation which puts Voodou at number one on internet searches for over 100 key hairdressing phrases in the Liverpool area. 

Voodou takes a similar go-getting approach to the growth of its social media platforms and now has 27,500 facebook and 16,400 Instagram followers.

Phil Evans, MD of Salon Guru, said: “Voodou were our first website client 10 years ago and we now support over 200 salons. We are delighted to help them rethink their marketing campaigns each year to reach more clients - and win more awards.”

The campaign

The new client campaign over the last 12 months utilised the incredible power of Facebook and Instagram adverts to reach clients of the right age, gender, location and buying intent.

In the last year, that has produced over £267,000 of new client income from first visits – all from an advert spend of just £21,890.

The campaign is entirely performance data-driven with many sets of adverts each with its own hair colour videos, headline and promotional text. From there, we choose the “winning adverts” based on sign-ups and cost per acquisition and move them to a live advert set. This process is repeated every week with new videos and headlines.

We then run more tests using the chosen adverts to compare ages ranges and postal codes.

This constant testing and tweaking mean that we have an evolving set of adverts that use the best creative (videos and text) that is always focused on the best demographic (age and locations).

The process to get new client sign-ups has changed many times over the year as we tested new methods to a) reduce costs per acquisition and b) maximise the number of sign-ups.

These 5 steps have proven to produce the best results....



1. Video advert

Step 1a advert

2. Lead Form

Step 2 Lead Form

3. Data saved

Step 3 Thankyou

4. Email reminder

Step 4 Email

5. Text reminder


The screenshots above show the process…

  1.  Video advert shown (from a set of about 10 at any time) see a live example on this link
  2.  Sign-up button opens a Facebook lead form.
  3.  Info saved into a database (downloadable for email marketing).
  4.  Triggers an email reminder with links to the website and T&Cs.
  5.  An SMS text message reminder is sent 3 days later.

The numbers...

Any salon could run the same kind of campaign and spend just 10% of their budget for 10% of the result.

Income from the 12 month New Client campaign was £276,000 ($340,000).

It brought 4,132 new clients

Their average first visit bill was £76 ($93).

Cost per client acquisition £3 ($3.70).