How 3 salons use the power of Online Marketing to GROW

An insight into Salon Online Marketing by Salon Guru, provider of websites and marketing tools to over 230 salons worldwide.

Hardly a day goes by without a High Street shop closing down due to the consumer trend for buying items online.  Here, we look at three very different salons who are harnessing the enormous potential of online marketing to grow their businesses.

The first word goes to Phil Evans, MD of Salon Guru: 

“Online Marketing is more than a website – but that is the most important building block. My to-do list for any salon owner would be to improve your website; check your traffic; improve your google rank; and then plan your social media.”


Read how over 6 weeks we helped this salon get...

661 New Clients
New Client income of £33,523

the incentive savvy salon

One of Salon Guru’s great success stories is House of Savannah, a hair salon and spa in Newcastle. They excel at online sales, selling an average of £3,000 of gift vouchers a month via their website.  On top of that, they also sell over £2,000 of Late Deals each month – a quick and easy way to fill the salon on quiet days, cover missed appointment slots or to boost a new stylist’s column.

Owner Marc Cunningham says: “Clients love to see an ever-changing selection of seasonal offers and packages on our website.  We plan months in advance and then make sure our website, emails and social media all carry the sales messages. You have to tick EVERY box.

the "new kid on the block" salon


Alexander James opened its doors in January 2017 with the challenge of building a clientele from scratch. They employed Salon Guru to create a website that would get them to the top of Google as quickly as possible, attracting new clients from search engines. A year later and this West Midlands salon regularly has over 2,500 web visitors a month and is number 1 on Google for 85 key hair and beauty phrases in their area.

Owner Alex James says: “Getting to the top of Google has driven forward our business in a way no other marketing could have. We plan new content every month to keep our salon website at number 1 and reach new clients. Persistence and having a good plan are the key.

the award-winning salon

Voodou are a chain of 4 salons in Liverpool. They have been a leader in online marketing for many years and have won Best Salon Website at the British Hairdressing Awards twice. For more than a decade they have dominated search engines through great content, so their focus now is on more targeted traffic and converting their very high web traffic into clients.  The Salon Guru team help Voodou target high spending clients through Google Adwords campaigns and have introduced Action Buttons to the top of Voodou’s web pages so that clients can get what they want at the click of a button.

Voodou owner Rob Webb explains his passion for online marketing:  “20 years ago our website was almost an afterthought. Now it is the most important part of our marketing strategy. If we want almost instant results we can reach 40,000 clients via email, 26,000 facebook fans and almost 13,000 on Instagram. Add the tens of thousands who visit our website and we have a massive audience we can reach and influence.

Voodou salon website