Promotion Ideas For Hair Salons on Father’s Day 2023

June 18th is Father's Day and what better time to run some promotions to target those dads and get some new clients for your hair salon.

Get Your Salon Ready For LGBTQIA+ Pride Month 2023

June is Pride month! Get those flags out, create some amazing rainbow hair styles, and embrace inclusivity and connect with the LGBTQ community.

25 Business Podcasts For Salon Owners & Stylists in 2023

Whether you're a salon owner or an independent stylist, you need to learn business skills to be effective. Here are 25 of the best podcasts to help you.

Drive Repeat Business To Your Salon With Email Marketing

If you are not doing email marketing for your salon you are leaving money on the table! This guide explains everything you need to know.

Bank Holiday for the Coronation of King Charles III Weekend

The coronation of King Charles III this weekend is a HUGE one-time event that every kind of business should be using to their advantage.

Happy Star Wars Day Everyone! (Any Excuse For a Promotion)

How is Star Wars related to hair & beauty? Well if you think outside the box there are always creative ways to work an angle for marketing purposes.

Start the Springtime Promotions With Early May Bank Holiday

Kick off the month of May with the first of 3 bank holidays this month! Get folks dancing around the maypole and into your salon chairs!

10 Steps To Creating a Killer Hair Salon Competition

Everybody loves a freebie or a special offer. In post we break down exactly how to run effective competitions to bring new clients into your salon.

Celebrate World Women’s Wellness Day In Your Salon

As April comes to a close, celebrate one more day to bring the ladies back into your salon by focusing on women's wellness.

Show Your Staff Some Love On Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Hairstylist appreciation day is a great time to show your stylists that you care about them, and can be a promotional opportunity as well.

Celebrate St. Georges Day in Your Salon

The 23rd April is St George's Day (and the London Marathon). Use the opportunity to decorate your salon in the British flag and run some promotions.