Celebrate World Women’s Wellness Day In Your Salon

world womens wellness day

Running any kind of hair or beauty salon these days is never easy as there’s a lot of competition out there. One of the keys to getting ahead is always being on the pulse of what is happening within the industry and constantly touching base with your client base via special offers and events.

The 28th April 2023 is World Women’s Wellness Day, and is a little known day that not many salons are likely to be promoting which gives you that edge if you can include it within your marketing.

Despite the gradual shift towards gender neutral hairstyles and beauty treatments in recent years, salons of all kinds are still heavily favoured by women as I’m sure you’ll see if you are analysing your own client data.

Thus this special day is a great time to put out a little campaign to invite those women to pamper themselves in your salon as part of their wellness program. 

The idea of “wellness” is a relatively new term; the word was only coined in around 1950 by a physician called Halbert Dunn. He merged together the terms ‘wellbeing’ and ‘fitness’ to come up with wellness.

It was only two years ago in 2021 that the first Women’s Wellness Day was officially declared by Diversity Woman Media but it is sure to be a growing trend as the idea of overall wellbeing is so important in today’s hectic society.

Ideas For Promotion

As not many people are likely to have heard of this day yet, you can set your salon apart by bringing attention to it and encouraging all the women involved in your business (don’t forget about all of your female staff) to focus on their wellbeing.

Create an Infographic

There are many statistics related to women’s health, (or lack of it) which are easily found online. Putting together an infographic is a fabulous way of marketing your beauty business as it can reach audiences that might not otherwise see your marketing messages.

When creating images of any kind for a marketing campaign you have a few advantages not present with other kinds of media:

  • You can insert appropriate keywords in the filename of the image
  • You can also put keywords in the ALT-tag of the image when posting it to your website (though don’t overdo it)
  • The image will get automatically picked up by Google and other search engines and will often appear on certain keyword searches.
  • Infographics in particular are very shareable – you may find your image being shared on social media and attracting natural backlinks.

Make sure that you clearly have your salon name and website URL clearly visible on any images you create because not everybody will share with the proper accreditation.

Run a social media campaign

There are so many ways to promote wellness, and not just for women of course. You could create a series of posts and schedule them to be dripped out slowly over a period of a few days perhaps. Posts of this kind that are informative tend to invite real engagement from your audience rather than just constant self promotion.

If you are not sure how to manage your social media, we at Salon Guru can help you with that. We have in-house experts who can create posts and ads for your Facebook  & Instagram profiles or shadow you and offer advice. 

Create some kind of offer

Special days always a good excuse for some kind of offer or discount and that is a great way to bring in both new and existing clients to your salon chairs. Remember to post details of any offers you create in as many places as possible:

  • Physically in your premises – windows perhaps
  • On your website (you DO have a website for your salon don’t you?)
  • In all of your social media channels
  • In your email newsletter (we can help with that if you don’t have one!)

And of course don’t forget to focus on your own wellness!