The Christmas Marketing Countdown for Salons 2023

With just 3 weeks to go until Christmas, we present you a 3 week marketing plan for your salon to countdown for the festive season 2023.

Salon Inventory Management: Best Practices & Software

Learn the best ways you can manage your salon inventory, including the use of software, for smooth, efficient running of your stock levels.

Salon Marketing for Menopause Awareness Month October 2023

Marketing ideas for in-salon events, social media campaigns, blog posts and product promotions themed around the menopause.

Build Client Loyalty With a Salon Membership Program

Develop a membership program in your salon to improve customer loyalty and create a source of recurring predictable revenue.

Google Reviews for SEO & Local Businesses: 2023 Edition

How important are Google reviews for SEO? How does the star rating work? How to get more reviews? Our guide has these answers & more!

Stay Competitive: Keep On Top Of Salon Trends (Barbie!)

The recent release of the Barbie movie has caused a massive stir in the hair & beauty industry. Is your salon keeping up with the latest trends?

Using Data To Find Niche Salon Services That People Want

A tutorial on how to mine Google's search data to find niche services that your clients are actually looking for, and how to rank for them.

Special Offer Ideas For Hair & Beauty Salons

The beauty industry is extremely competitive and regular special offers are needed to stay in the game. This is our comprehensive guide to salon offers.

Scorching Salon Marketing Ideas For The Summer

Beat the summer slump in your salon with these ideas for marketing during the summer season.

Go Green! Embrace Sustainability In Your Salon

Would you like to become an eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable salon but not sure where to start? Take a look at these tips for becoming more green.

Salon Owners: Bring New Clients in for Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us and that means fantastic opportunities for salon owners! Dive into some SEO stats and prepare your marketing.

Newsletter Ideas and Examples for Hair & Beauty Salons

Real world examples of actual newsletters that we have sent out on behalf of our clients. Use them as templates or inspiration for your own.