25 Business Podcasts For Salon Owners & Stylists in 2023

Business Podcasts For Salon Owners Heading

Whether you run your own salon or you are an independent stylist, you are running a business which means that you need to work on much more than just being a master at your craft.

If you neglect things like sales, marketing, your website, social media, and so on, you will be left with empty chairs! Thankfully there are a huge number of resources available online to help you and in this post we're specifically looking at business podcasts in the hair & beauty industries.

We've split the list into two groups - those aimed more at salon owners where you'll be dealing with staff, premises, and so on and those aimed more at the independent stylist. However, it's worth taking at look through the podcasts in both groups as there will a lot of topics that overlap - especially when it comes to sales & marketing.

We've listed the podcasts in order of the amount of content they currently (May 2023) have, and this is calculated simply by number of episodes x average length. Enjoy!

Podcasts aimed at salon owners

Your Day Off Logo

Your Day Off

We are hairstylists that bring you the success stories of the Hair Industry! Look for new Episodes with killer hair peeps every week on your day off!

Host: Hairdustry
Episodes: 415
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 52 mins

Hairbrained Conversations logo

Hairbrained Conversations

A weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into the minds of some of the most talented artists, educators, influencers, and leaders in the professional salon industry. 

Host: Gerard Scarpaci
Episodes: 291
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 62 mins

How To Cut It Logo

How To Cut It in the Hairdressing Industry

The ultimate resource and training guide for the hair industry, this is your one-stop shop for all things related to a successful career in hairdressing and barbering.

Host: Dom Lehane
Episodes: 300
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 56 mins

Grow My Salon Business logo

Grow My Salon Business

Antony Whitaker talks to thought leaders on the business side of the hairdressing industry discussing insightful, provocative and inspiring ideas that matter.

Host: Antony Whitaker
Episodes: 192
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 53 mins

Phorest FM Logo


Phorest FM: sharing inspiring stories from the salon floor and amplifying community voices all over the globe.

Host: Zoé Bélisle-Springer
Episodes: 270
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 34 mins

The Hair Game logo

The Hair Game

We go deep with the beauty industry's most interesting players, we educate and tell stories about the things you care about, and we get into the business side of the game so you can earn more and keep more.

Host: Eric Taylor
Episodes: 175 (plus highlights)
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 50 mins

Destroy The Hairdresser Logo

Destroy The Hairdresser

Destroy The Hairdresser is an industry podcast dedicated to helping salon owners and hairdressers salon differently.

Hosts: David Bosscher & Cyd Charisse 
Episodes: 164
Frequency: Twice a month
Average Length: 32 mins

Between Both Cheeks logo

Between Both Cheeks

A look inside the beauty industry from the perspective of a CEO, Marketing Director, and Esthetician. An R-rated Beauty Podcast.

Host: Becca Hislop
Episodes: 119
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 44 mins

Hello Hair Pro Logo

Hello Hair Pro

A place for education, inspiration, and entertainment. Our mission is to help as many hair pros, salon and barbershop owners as possible.

Hosts: Jen & Todd Ford
Episodes: 88
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 40 mins

Salon Owners Collective logo

Salon Owners Collective

We help Salon & Spa Owners Master their Inner Salon CEO by implementing a strategic framework to grow and scale their businesses.

Host: Larissa Macleman
Episodes: 100
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 33 mins

Beyond The Technique Logo

Beyond The Technique

We provide salon owners and their teams with the most innovate business and marketing strategies. We believe it's what you do beyond the technical aspects of being behind the chair that will bring substantial success.

Host: Kati Whitledge
Episodes: 100
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 28 mins

The Salon Professional logo

The Salon Professional

If you are in the professional salon industry this is for YOU! Trending topics, motivation, business savvy and so much more.

Hosts: Lisa Bean
Episodes: 81
Frequency: Twice a month
Average Length: 33 mins

Profitable Salon Owner Logo

Profitable Salon Owner

Host: Jason Everett 
Episodes: 100
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 25 mins

SUMM It Up logo


SUMM IT UP is a podcast from Summit Salon Business Center that engages salon, school, barbershop and spa professionals on our shared path toward happiness in the beauty industry.

Host: Blake Reed Evans
Episodes: 37
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 32 mins

Build Your Salon Logo

Build Your Salon

Here to help salon owners master the skills they need for bigger profits and a fuller life.

Host: Phil Jackson
Episodes: 88 
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 12 minutes

Salon Ownership Made Easy logo

Salon Ownership Made Easy

Let Danise Keilitz, a hairstylist for over 30 years, and owner of multiple award-winning, 7-figure salons help show you what it takes to become a successful salon owner and have a career you can be proud of. 

Host: Danise Keilitz
Episodes: 51
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 20 mins

Podcasts aimed at stylists

Big Money Stylist Logo

Big Money Stylist

Learn the mindset and strategies crucial to your career as an Artist, and be inspired by each episode to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Host: Danielle K White
Episodes: 221
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 34 mins

The Thriving Stylist logo

The Thriving Stylist

Interviews from stylists, one-on-one coaching opportunities and actionable, strategic marketing techniques that you can use in your business today to see real results.

Host: Britt Seva
Episodes: 276
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 26 mins

No Stylist Left Behind Logo

No Stylist Left Behind

Helping stylists reach their full potential by sharing unfiltered stories from industry artists & leaders.

Hosts: Nino Tulio & Joshua Ladner
Episodes: 155
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 40 mins

Beauty Business Game Changer logo

Beauty Business Game Changer

A podcast for Hair Stylists that want to learn how to build and grow a successful business in the beauty industry. If you believe that you want more out of your career and life then this is the place to be.

Host: Jennifer Jade Alvarez
Episodes: 109
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 40 mins

Hairstylist Rising Logo

Hairstylist Rising

The aim of Hairstylist Rising is to bring business, life, marketing and social media education to all hairstylists and make hitting the next level in your career attainable, no matter what that is.

Host: Jodie Brown
Episodes: 119
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 32 mins

The In Demand Hairstylist logo

The In Demand Hairstylist

I'm taking my 18 years as a hairstylist and salon owner and bringing you stories, lessons and secrets that will INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and GUIDE YOU to create your own kind of beautiful in life.

Host: Kristen Varoli
Episodes: 107
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 27 mins

The Modern Hairstylist Logo

The Modern Hairstylist

How to grow your beauty business without the overwhelm by implementing modern strategies so you can reclaim time, freedom and energy from your career.

Host: Hunter Donia
Episodes: 81
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 28 mins

Successful Hairstylists logo

Successful Hairstylists

Where hairstylists can learn how to attract LUXURY CLIENTS consistently and authentically AND in just 30 minutes / day!

Host: Ren Lopa
Episodes: 112
Frequency: Weekly
Average Length: 18 mins

The Independent Stylist Logo

1512 The Independent Stylist

Inspiration, Information and actionable tips to help you grow your business behind and beyond the chair, and consciously create your best and most abundant life.

Host: Jennifer Kenny
Episodes: 54
Frequency: Every 3 weeks
Average Length: 28 mins