Happy Star Wars Day Everyone! (Any Excuse For a Promotion)

may the fourth be with you

As you may have noticed from some of our recent posts, we at Salon Guru are keen to use any kind of special day as a way of helping our clients generate new sales if that day can be tied into the business in a legitimate way – even if we do have to get a little creative at times!

Just around the corner is Star Wars day which may seem like a little bit of a reach at first; I mean, how on earth is Star Wars related to hair salons or anything else in the beauty industry for that matter?

It’s the crazy hair styles – particularly of the female characters. Who could forget Princess Leia’s iconic side buns? Whilst that exact style might not be particularly on trend in 2023, you might find that older fans of the series like to do their hair in that fashion just for fun as a way of celebrating Star Wars day!

Padme’s character also had some pretty epic hairdo’s in those early movies and we know that lots of people are still interested in copying them as you can find tutorials all over YouTube! 

But perhaps those characters don’t exactly resonate with your much younger salon clients? One character to stir up a lot of interest in the more recent movies is Rey, and again there is a lot of interest online in being able to create her hairstyle. 

We’ve had a look at some of the actual keyword phrases that people type into Google in relation to Star Wars hair and there are a ton! Here is just a very small sample:

  • rey star wars hair tutorial
  • star wars hair ideas
  • star wars hairstyles for short hair
  • padme star wars hair
  • princess leia star wars hair

So with that in mind, we know there’s an interest in Star Wars inspired hairstyles, so how do you go about exploiting that to drum up some new business? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a blog post showcasing some previous cuts that have been done in your salon that could appeal to fans. Publicize this on your social media and perhaps offer a discount for anyone wanting a Star Wars cut on May 4th.
  • Hold a free event at your salon offering an hour long live tutorial session where you teach people how to re-create some of the most iconic styles. This could be a good way to get some new people into your salon. 
  • Host a mini hair fashion show in your salon! Invite participants to come in sporting their favourite Star Wars hair look, (bonus points for a costume perhaps) and then offer some bonus or freebie for the winner. 
  • Host a competition inviting your followers to post a photo of themselves with their best Star Wars hairstyle and give the winner some kind of discount or freebie. If you’re not familiar with holding a competition then do follow our comprehensive guide!