Start the Springtime Promotions With Early May Bank Holiday

early spring bank holiday

In 2023 we are being spoiled with bank holidays with the first of three on the 1st may – the early may holiday usually known as May Day. At the end of the month we’ll have the Spring bank holiday but this year we have an extra one due to the King’s Coronation on the 6th.

It’s spring time, the flowers are starting the bloom, and the April showers are starting to give way to bursts of sunshine! What a great time of year for a little pampering and a makeover! For those of you who own hair or beauty salons, barbershops or aesthetic skin clinics, now is the time to ramp up your marketing for 2023 if you haven’t done so already.

Keep the marketing going

With any kind of business, but especially in an industry where you can have dozens of competitors within just a few miles of your location, it’s so important that you focus on marketing continually in order to stand out from the crowd, keep your brand name in front of people’s eyes and ultimately put lots of bottoms on chairs in your salon!

Using special days like these May bank holidays that we have coming up are great times to get some kind of marketing effort going. We’ve just published a post about running a competition on social media so why not give that a go?

If you have some graphical experts on your team, have them whip up some pretty spring time imagery with people dancing around the maypole. 

If you struggle to find ideas for marketing or you don’t know where to start then please do get in touch with our team at Salon Guru and we’ll be able to help you bring more revenue into your salon business. We can assist you with search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing such as Facebook & Instagram ads, running a Google PPC campaign and even help you with your email and newsletter marketing.

History of May Day

May Day is celebrated on the first Monday in May each year which falls on a Monday in 2023. All the bank will be closed along with some shops and many employees will get a free day off.

In England the celebrations around May Day hark back to Pagan times and follow traditional customs such as gathering wildflowers, weaving garlands out of those flowers, building a Maypole and then dancing around it with pretty ribbons.