Salon Email Marketing - Tips, Ideas & Examples

Salon Guru has a team of experts who can help you find new clients, but it's also important to keep your existing clients engaged and eager to book.  If you are looking to encourage a lot of repeat business, with clients coming back to your salon time and time again, we recommend you develop a strong email marketing strategy using our team of expert writers. 

We can suggest interesting content, write your email, add eye-catching imagery, videos and GIFs and send your newsletter out on your behalf to your database of clients... while you get on with the day-to-day running of your salon.

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Create Beautiful Designs

We create hundreds of beautiful newsletters every month for our clients. They include your branding, colour palette, calls to action (book online, call us, email us, vote now), eye-catching imagery, GIFs or videos, and brilliant content written for you and approved by you.

Write Engaging Content  

Your dedicated Salon Guru Client Manager will get to know you really well.  That means we can come up with ideas and write engaging content about your services, products, team members, offers, and latest trends and tips... all in your specific tone of voice. 

Send Timely Messages

We are experts in salon marketing so know exactly when to send out your messages to get the best engagement. We will also analyse the results and make tweaks to try and improve your open rates month on month. 

Mobile-Friendly Designs

It is estimated that around 80% of readers view newsletters on their phone or tablet.  That's why we always make sure our newsletters look great on all kinds of devices including mobiles, tablets and desktop devices such as PCs. 

Grow Your List of Client Names & Emails 

The first step to effective email marketing is to start collecting client names and emails. 

No matter how you get your clients booked in - whether it is via salon management software, a form on your website, a phone call, or an in-person - this is your first point of contact with that customer and your opportunity to ask for their email.

 Salon Guru can add 'sign up to our newsletter' forms on your website or encourage people to download a useful resource by adding their name and email. 

Please note: You must have a person's permission to email them to 'stay in touch'.  We will always include easy-to-find newsletter unsubscribe buttons to allow people to opt out of receiving your emails.

newsletter marketing for salons and clinics - Salon Guru
social media distraction

Social Media V Email Marketing

In today's fast-paced, scroll-heavy society, it is easy for clients to miss your messages on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok when there are so many other online distractions. 

While social media platforms can play an important role in salon marketing, there is no doubt that newsletters give your clients a more focused experience.

Email marketing allows a person to open your newsletter in their own time, at their leisure. This makes it far more likely that a user will click on your email as opposed to clicking on your post in a social media newsfeed.  Once they open your email, you now have that person's attention, without distraction.


What To Say In Your Newsletter

Your newsletter should contain a mix of news, trends, and new products or services.  It also gives you the opportunity to promote existing services - perhaps with a special offer for that month. 

Consider adding a blog to your website.  Salon Guru writes hundreds of blogs every week for hair, beauty and aesthetics clients.  These are great for SEO but can also be added into your newsletters.

Email Marketing - Doing It RIGHT

Salon Guru adheres to the strict rules surrounding email marketing.  For example, we only send out newsletters using 'clean' lists so we can avoid recipients marking your newsletter down as spam.  

If you send out too many spam emails, you run the risk of your newsletter sending system being blacklisted which means you can no longer send out your marketing messages to your clients.  

Salon Newsletter Examples

Salon Guru manages email marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients. Here are some examples to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Special Promotions 

This newsletter for Wiles Studios in Northampton had an impressive open rate of 41.5%.  It's difficult to resist opening a newsletter that's telling you how to get a FREE HAIRCUT! 

wiles studios newsletter

Launch A New Service

A beautifully branded newsletter resulted in an upsurge in bookings for a new service. We included eye-catching details on Cost, How to Book, When to Book, More Info...

hair and the hound 1

Make An Impact - Moving Imagery

This newsletter celebrating Pride Month at Bliss Hair in Nottingham really made an impact with moving imagery.  It also contained several news items and trends, plus a please to Leave Us A Review. 

bliss newsletter



Reach Our To 'Lost Clients'

Reach out to clients who have not visited your salon or clinic for a year or so by sending them a We Miss You email containing a special offer just for them. 

cheynes we miss you