Your Salon ACTION Plan

These are the notes from the Guru Gathering held 11th October 2016.

Please take 1/2 an hour to read and then discuss with your Client Manager.

The topic of the day was -

How to do it all and  Do IT WELL

A great website and ongoing marketing is the ONLY way you can have a dramatic effect on your salon's income VERY quickly. So use these notes to plan how to do everything and do it EVERY month.


Web Traffic

Know your website traffic (using Google Analytics) and discuss with your Manager.
Look at traffic Sources (search engines, social media, emails) and make plans.

Google Rank - every month

Add missing phrases to our tracking report.
Identify 5-10 Priority improvements needed.
Agree new pages or edits with your Client Manager.
Look back at previous months and check the improvement.
Plan articles with a Purpose - aimed at key phrases.

Look for Backlink opportunities (links from other websites) -

  • Suppliers (not just colour)
  • Friends & Family
  • Good Clients
  • Industry Bodies
  • Local Organisations
  • Directories
  • Social Media

Consider Google ADWORDS to pay to be number 1 for the most difficult phrases.

social salon wifi

Social Salon WiFi

Look at usage. This image has the login numbers for September and the "reach" i.e. the number of people (approx) that will see those social posts.

The number of logins on your Wifi is shown on the 1st screen when you log into

Promote in salon. E.g. mirror stickers, get staff to check-in each day, ask for Reviews in-salon once they login via Wifi.

Change the Title, Text and Image on settings. Offers image are here and late deals are here.

Update your Wifi Welcome page.

Export & use the client data.

Encourage Staff with incentives e.g. most staff Wifi check-ins, most Reviews for staff member.

salon reviews

Social Reviews

This image shows what is posted for a Review - both as the client and as the salon.

Post the best to your Facebook Page.

Compare stats with other salons. This image shows the number of Reviews in September and their "reach" on Social Media.

ASK for Reviews - post-visit email, mass email, text and in-salon.

Change the Title, Text and Image on settings. Images are in this folder.

Encourage Staff with incentives - most Reviews in a month that "name" them.

Update the Reviews email offer or on your web page - send an email, facebook posts

salon email--marketing

Client Emails

Plan what goes into each email and when.

Add ALL your data - export emails from Late Deals, Wifi, Reviews and your salon software.

Get more email addresses - ask EVERYONE.

Look at open & click rates.

sell salon services

Selling & Promotions

Plan well ahead. We showed the New Client campaign at Voodou timed for new students arriving that produced 1,289 voucher downloads in September.

Ask what others do. We have many examples of promotions and offers - just ask your Client Manager.

Measure performance. Make sure that the numbers are part of your monthly plan.

Salon Late Deals

We shared the number of Deals sold in September. 1 Salon sold £5,491 and 3 sold over £2,000.

The "target" for a smaller single outlet salon should be about £700 per month as many achieved that.

We discussed the new Super-Size Deals that will launch soon. This gives you the ability to define add-ons / upgrades. You can then attach multiple upgrades as an option when adding a Deal. We will send you all the details on this new feature very soon.