Facebook and Instagram are the best free marketing tool for salons & clinics.

But many owners do not recognise the amazing potential of social media to increase their income and attract new clients.

Working with over 220 salons & clinics for close to 20 years means that we have a massive amount of experience. So this page provides a quick summary of the things to learn and then links to much more detailed guides, examples and explanations.

There is a lot of information about Social Media on this website, so use the buttons below to jump to the relevant section....

Facebook for hair & beauty salons

Facebook & Instagram adverts:
To attract new salon clients and recruit staff

New Clients: Using social media adverts to attract new salon clients is one of our most valuable areas of expertise.

Examples - some new client campaigns we have run and the results achieved - read it here
Guide - an incredibly detailed guide to help you create your own adverts - read it here
Read - how we won Best Salon Marketing Campaign and the incredible results achieved - read it here

Salon Recruitment: For many years we have been running very successful adverts to find salon staff on Facebook and Instagram. The adverts can ONLY target stylists or beauty therapists in the salon's area so are very cost-effective

Read -  a guide on how to use social media to recruit experienced salon staff or apprentices - read it here

Instagram for hair & beauty salons

The best salon Instagram accounts

Instagram for salons has become the most talked-about social media platform over the past decade. But, how do the best salons on Instagram use this brilliant marketing tool?

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Our guide to Instagram for salon marketing

Instagram is enormously popular and growing at a rapid rate, so if you are trying to capture the attention of the 14-25 age group, then Instagram is the place for Salons to promote themselves!

Read: our guide the Rules of using Instagram for Salons

Social media and in-salon Photos

Your team are creating beautiful, head-turning hairstyles and hair colours, so how can you share their work for clients to see but also protect your rights as the salon owner?

Read: our guide The rules for taking in-salon before & after photographs