Salon Marketing – using websites and Internet

salon-guru-salon-marketingSalon Marketing is all about making more money for your business. Throughout this site learn the incredible effect the internet can have on a salon’s turnover and profit using your website, facebook, twitter, Google Search, Google Places….and much more.

Using the knowledge gained from 20 years of real-life Salon Marketing we have created a site full of –

  • Answers – How do I do that? Why do I do that?
  • Solutions – How to get more clients and income
  • Examples – real salons – real campaigns – real results
  • Guides – free guides to download and use
  • and Tips – from us – from salon owners – from people like you

And its not just about theory and ideas – its ALL about real salons and their experiences and most important the results they achieve !

Salon Marketing Secrets

There are many sites on the internet that claim to have the “Secrets to Salon Marketing”– but in creating Salon Guru we decided to share our knowledge and hide nothing.

Only by discovering the enormous potential of the Internet for Salon Marketing campaigns will you make the critical decision to “do something”.

Enjoy exploring Salon Guru but there is more information than can be absorbed in 1 visit – so Bookmark us and call back soon.

PS:   There are NO secrets! Its about hard work and attention to detail  Рjust like running a Salon.

Salon Marketing Tips & Tricks

This site is full of them – explore and enjoy :)

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