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Local SEO and keywords for your salon

The locations described on your website are also crucial. If you are in a city mention local areas, if you are in a town, refer to the wider area, county, state or region.

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How to get excellent SEO results on your salon website 

So a big part of getting a higher search engine rank with SEO for Salons is all about constantly tweaking each of your pages to make each one more relevant and contains the right set of salon keywords and phrases.

For each of these salon keywords and phrases, different pages within your website should be "optimised" with the right percentage of keywords, matching headings and images, and inbound links from other sites.

Over time the keywords and phrases should develop to include all your services and products with every variation possible. And unfortunately, it never ends, as search engines regularly change their methods, new products and services need promotion and, most importantly, you strive for ever-better rankings

When used to maximum effect, the results and traffic to your website are exceptional.  This is a complex process and may be something you want to leave to the salon SEO experts at Salon Guru so you can focus on running your business! We can focus on SEO for hair salons, SEO for beauty salons and SEO for aesthetics clinics.


gatsby rank 3 salon seo experts

Gatsby rank 3 salon seo experts

gatsby rank 4 salon seo experts

The above image shows 99 phrases at number 1 on Google search.

Total domination of Google is typical for our salon website clients worldwide!