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Google Adwords for salons

Do you need to pay extra to run some Google adverts? The answer from the salon SEO experts at Salon Guru is 'no'.

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Google Adwords for hair & beauty salons and clinics

Google Adwords versus website search engine optimization

Do you need to pay extra to run some Google adverts?  The answer from the salon SEO experts at Salon Guru is 'no'.  If you have a website that is fully search engine optimized, then you will appear at the top of Google searches for multiple key salon phrases.  This will happen organically without the need to pay for an advert. Many web users are sceptical of the ads and will often gloss over them to find the businesses sitting just beneath them... which is where your salon website should be! 

Janet Lee, owner of Ruby Mane Hair Boutique in Farnham, Surrey, sums it up:

"Before engaging with Salon Guru, I used to spend hundreds of pounds on Google Adwords. That is now a thing of the past thanks to their SEO expertise! Salon Guru has been with us all the way, guiding us through the best ways to grow and develop the business."

Monitoring Web Traffic & Google Ranking

Understanding the importance of SEO for your salon is the first step if you want to rank high on Google for hair, beauty or aesthetics salon searches. Step 2 is to do the hard work to improve your rank results using the best SEO methods and tools.  Once you have created a salon website with excellent SEO, you should start seeing improvements in your Google ranking within a few weeks.  Step 3 is to monitor your SEO results.

Salon Guru provides all our clients with a Google Rank Report every 3 months to help us identify which phrases could "do better".  Make sure you have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster which will help you - or us - to understand your salon's web traffic. Use the button at the bottom to find out more. Some of the information you should gather about your website includes:

  • How many visitors does my salon website have daily, weekly and monthly?
  • How are these people finding my website?  Searches, social media, email links?
  • Which pages do they visit?
  • How long do they stay?
  • Which links do they click?
  • Where are they from geographically?

In the chart below, Google Analytics shows us that this salon had over 10,000 visitors a month over a 3 month period and that 77.3% were new to the website, which shows the power of SEO for salons!


Google Analytics : More reading

SEO For Salons - The Technical Part


Although the amount and quality of your content (pages) is vital for great salon website SEO, there are some technical settings and requirements to ensure that Google will rank your salon website at the top of search for all salon keywords.  As an example, let's look at how we could improve hair salon SEO for a Chelsea, London hairdresser.

Search Function

Your Salon Website Page Headings

  • The Heading tag tells Google what the page is about. So on the Home page, the main (H1) tag could be "Hair & Beauty Salon, Chelsea, London". It should be short and only contain the most important keywords for the Home Page. You must only ever have one H1 tag on each salon webpage and never leave it blank.
  • The Sub-Headings (H2) can then be more descriptive and include nearby locations e.g. "Hair Colour, Hair Cuts, Waxing, Earls Court, Mayfair". Again, no superfluous words and only generic descriptions of your main services. You can and should have multiple H2s on each page
  • On Internal Pages (colour page, cutting page etc.) the H1 could be "Hair Colour Salon, Chelsea" - more specific to the page but always repeating the most important keywords.
  • The H2 (and H3 and H4 if you need them) are more detailed descriptions of sub-services e.g. "highlights, lowlights, colour correction"

Meta Tags/Descriptions On Your Webpages

Although this description is not as important as it used to be for your position in the search results, it should be enticing as this is what web visitors read once they have carried out their internet searches.

Here is an example of an excellent SEO hair salon description promoting hair colour. Note the use of 'Good Hair Dressing Salons' - we know people search hairdressing, hair dressing, hairdressers, hair salons, so provide a variety of options teamed with 'good', 'excellent', 'best' and top'.


Here is a poor example of hair salon SEO to promote hair colour:


We recommend...

Make your description short (less than 70 words - 350 characters) and describe the specific services you provide. Include your location and, ideally, your salon name. 

Each Page should have a variation of the Meta Description that "sells" the services of that page - e.g. Beauty, Barbering, Hair Extensions.  A well-written and optimised page on Hair Colour will be the "landing page" i.e. where a client arrives 1st when they search for Hair Colour or Highlights etc.

Pages and Menus on your salon website are important for SEO

If you do not have separate pages for all your key services e.g. Hair Colour, Hair Extensions, Aesthetics Services, Beauty Treatments, and Nails - then you cannot have well-designed and optimised pages that are targeted at search phrases.

So create these main pages and have a menu link to each one.

We can help you


Although it is good to be informed, it is even better to get an expert to fix these issues for you! Email [email protected] for an immediate solution for your Salon's SEO.  Salon Guru is the world's best at creating beautiful, Search Engine Optimised websites for hair salons, beauty salons & aesthetics salons.