Examples of the best marketing for New Clients

Watch the webinar, or use the links below to access very detailed tips and guides on how to attract new clients to your salon.

If you want to jump to a section, use these timings -

0:00     Intro to Salon Guru and the Webinar
4:40     Explanation of the 2 kinds of Google traffic
12:00   Example searches and results for salons
16:00   How to get your salon website to the top of Google search
28:11    Your salon's Google Business Profile
35:30   Client emails
36:45   Facebook & Instagram advertising
42:00   New Client Engine

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Links to more information, tips and guides...

Your salon's Google Business Profile

1. What your Google Profile is, how to take ownership and how to optimise

32. Our "do it for you" salon Google Profile management service 

Your salon website at the top of Google Search

1. Get a free Google rank report from us to see how your website is performing

2. Understanding SEO, keywords and Google rank

Client Emails

1. Email marketing to bring more salon clients

Facebook & Instagram

1. Social Media Marketing for salons: An introduction

2. Facebook & Instagram salon advert examples

Our New Client Engine

Our new tool to maximise the number of new clients from all parts of your online marketing