New Client Engine

In this video, I provide a quick overview of our new client engine, a powerful tool designed to help us convert potential clients.

I explain how a well-performing website attracts visitors, and how the new client engine takes us a step further by automatically categorizing website visitors into specific audiences based on their interests. These audiences allow us to target reminder advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to those who have shown interest in specific services or offers.

I also discuss how the engine enables us to capture visitor information and send out email and text message reminders, as well as track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Watch this video to learn how the new client engine can help us optimize our social media advertising and improve our client conversion rates.

How we build your New Client Engine and the costs

Each NCE we build is unique as each client will have their own key pages i.e. the services and offers they most want to promote. These are the steps we follow 

  1. Agree on how many pages/services and offers and then create the audience for each using the Meta pixel.
  2. Review & update these key pages to ensure they are 100% perfect in terms of layout, information and sales messages.
  3. Design & create reminder adverts targeting each of the audiences.
  4. Design & create the reminder email sequence for all signups.
  5. Design & create the text message reminder sequence for all signups.
  6. Provide access to the Overview screen so you can track progress and outcomes.

Please email us so we can chat about how many audiences are needed and the cost.