Google Search Rank for Salons

SEO for hair Salons

If your salon is not in the top 3 on Google for hundreds of phrases you are missing the BIGGEST opportunity to attract clients.

It’s Location, Location, Location!

Google is like your high street, the more prominent and better positioned your ‘shop window’, the more business will walk through your door.

Higher google rank for your salon is your key to engaging with buyers when they are searching for your services!

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What is google rank?

Rank is the position that a website displays when someone searches for a single search term or phrase.  High rank generates massive website traffic, what makes a website a success.

Why does my salon website need great Google Rank?

When buyers search for ‘hair colour Leeds’ ; ‘Hair Salon Liverpool’ ‘Hair extensions London’ the higher your salon is positioned in the search results, the more likely these potential consumers are to visit your website, engage with your business and increase your turnover.

What does google consider important when ranking salons in search results?

  • Excellent website design
  • Relevant articles/phrases
  • Social Media engagement
  • In & Outbound links

How quickly will improved google rank influence my salon business?

Most of our salon clients see an increase of between 100% and 300% in web traffic in year 1.

How do I measure my salon’s website traffic

  • Use google analytics reports
  • Measure unique visitors

What are the most important things I should do as a salon owner?

  • What is your salon’s web traffic (visitors per month) and compare that to industry norms.
  • Monitor your web traffic every month.
  • Find out where you rank for salon phrases in your city/location like Hair Extensions Chelsea, Best Hair Colour Salon Soho.
  • Plan better rank through new content.

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