Scorching Salon Marketing Ideas For The Summer

salon marketing ideas for summerSummer is here and with every change in season you need to adjust your marketing plans accordingly. These next few months you’ll find people going away on holiday, getting out and about in the sunshine and generally being busier. This tends to cause a bit of a slump in the beauty industry. In order to keep the cash flowing you need to ramp up your marketing efforts and create offers and packages specifically targeted towards summer time.
Here are some ideas:

Summer hair care

Whilst the summer sun generally makes us feel and look great, it can be very damaging to the hair. The combination of heat, humidity, UV rays, chlorine from swimming pools and salt from the sea all combine to wreak havoc on our hair causing it to become dry and brittle and look generally poor. 

My first piece of advice here is to write an article for your blog or your email newsletter all about hair-care tips for the summer. Warn of all the dangers and of course offer treatments to combat them.

This provides a perfect opportunity for you to promote some hair care products or services such as:

  • A keratin treatment for combating frizz caused by high humidity
  • An intense moisturising treatment for the hair
  • Take home products that they can buy

Summer holidays

A lot of people head off on their holidays in the summer time and will often go to places that are far hotter than the UK or wherever they may hail from. Sometimes this will be their first exposure to the intense sunshine which can pose an increased risk of sun burn. Setting aside the risk factors, many people like to look good in their swimwear before they even set foot on a beach or a sun lounger!

Some people like to build up a natural sun tan but unless you run a tanning salon you probably won’t be able to help them much with that. However these days many people are far more cautious about skin damage caused by UV rays and prefer to opt for a fake tan. This is your opportunity to promote spray tans, bronzing treatments and any tanning products you may sell in the salon.

Catering to the home crowd

Not everybody can afford a vacation abroad and many people will opt for a ‘staycation’ instead. These folks might feel a little left out if those around them are sporting beautifully bronzed bodies and sun-bleached hair. 

This presents another demographic to whom you can promote your tanning services and products but use this time to show off all the ways in which your salon can help them create the ultimate beach hair look

Showcase shorter hair styles

As anyone who has long hair will know, the heat of the summer can be pretty uncomfortable and you often end up just tying up your hair to keep it off your neck and help you stay cool. 

How about encouraging your clients to try a new shorter style instead? Showcase your best short styles and anything which is currently trending.

Sun’s out, feet out!

Summer is the season of open-toed footwear, sandals and flip-flops! Feet are on show during the hot months but because feet are the most neglected body part what often happens is that there are a lot of ugly feet on show! Your customers sure don’t want to be one of those people do they?

Promote those pedicures (and manicures!), treatments for cracked heels and any other treatments you offer for feet. This is another place where a good article about foot care can really provide value to your audience whilst bringing attention to your offers.

Wax on, hair off!

Whilst we may be seeing a trend towards a more natural look in recent years, it is a fact that the vast majority of women still prefer to remove most of their visible body hair. With a lot more flesh being on show during the summer, this is a great time to promote your waxing services and products. 

Shaving can be time consuming and for those with sensitive skin, it can be a major cause of irritation as well which is why waxing can be a very popular option at this time.

Be wary of no-shows

One thing I wanted to add to bring this article to a close, is to watch out for people who don’t turn up to their appointments. Sunshine can make people want to drop everything and head to the beach and their hair appointment may be the last thing they think about.

Before putting together your offers and newsletters, make sure you have a clear cancellation policy in place to protect you from such issues.