The Christmas Marketing Countdown for Salons 2023


christmas marketing countdown salons 2023

As we step into December, hopefully you’ve already started work on your festive marketing campaigns but if not, then it’s time to get started as there are now only 3 weeks to go until Christmas! The countdown to Christmas has begun, and with it comes the opportunity to captivate and engage your audience through thoughtfully crafted promotional campaigns and special offers.

Christmas is a time of parties and celebrations and people want to look their best. It’s crucial for salons to embrace the festive spirit and launch into immediate, impactful marketing actions. In this article we’ll walk you through a 3-week plan to make sure your salon is ready to make the most of 2023’s festive season.

Week 1: December 4th – 10th 

Christmas Countdown Offers: “12 Days of Beauty”

Kickstart the festive season with a “12 Days of Beauty” campaign. Each day, unveil a new offer, such as a discount on a popular service like hair coloring, a special price on a product bundle, or a unique treatment like a winter-themed facial. This not only creates excitement but also encourages clients to check back daily. Use your social media platforms and in-salon displays to announce each day’s special. This strategy not only boosts foot traffic but also increases the likelihood of impulse purchases and bookings.

Gift Card Promotions

Gift cards are a staple of the holiday season. Enhance their appeal by offering a complimentary service with each purchase. For instance, buying a £50 gift card could come with a free mini-facial or a 10-minute scalp massage. This not only incentivises gift card sales but also introduces new clients to your services. 

For physical cards, get these printed up in a variety of different festive designs so that there is something to appeal to everybody. 

Social Media Advent Calendar

Create a digital advent calendar on your social media channels. Each day, open a new ‘window’ revealing something special. This could range from exclusive discounts, beauty tips, product spotlights, or even behind-the-scenes glimpses of your salon getting festive. This approach not only engages your audience but also ensures daily interaction with your brand. Encourage shares and interaction by integrating interactive elements like quizzes or polls. Here is an example of the kinds of things you can include in your calendar, but obviously you’ll want to add your salons own personal style to them:

  • Exclusive Discount: Special discount code for select services.
  • Product Spotlight: Highlight and tips on a popular product.
  • Beauty Tip of the Day: Share a professional beauty tip.
  • Client Transformation Showcase: Post before-and-after makeover photos.
  • Flash Giveaway: Run a giveaway contest for free service or product.
  • Staff Introduction: Feature a staff member with their holiday beauty tip.
  • Quick Tutorial: Demonstrate a festive hairstyle or makeup look.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Share salon’s festive decorations or preparations.
  • Customer Testimonial: Feature a client’s festive makeover testimonial.
  • Special Package Announcement: Introduce a limited-time festive package deal.
  • Interactive Poll or Quiz: Engage with a beauty-related poll/quiz.
  • Charity Initiative: Share a charity event or initiative involvement.
  • Styling Challenge: Post a festive hairstyle challenge for followers.
  • Seasonal Self-Care Tip: Share a tip for relaxing during the holidays.
  • Favorite Holiday Look Poll: Let followers vote on different holiday looks.
  • Festive Nail Art Showcase: Display festive nail art designs.
  • Salon Playlist Share: Share a playlist of holiday songs from the salon.
  • DIY Beauty Recipe: Post a DIY beauty treatment recipe.
  • Client Appreciation Post: Feature a photo collage of clients.
  • Hair Care Myth Busting: Debunk a common hair care myth.
  • Throwback Thursday: Share a throwback photo of past holiday seasons.
  • Gift Wrapping Ideas: Offer creative gift wrapping tutorials.
  • Staff Holiday Wishes: Staff members share their holiday wishes.
  • Christmas Eve Special Offer: Announce a special offer or teaser for post-Christmas sales.

Email Marketing

As you know, Salon Guru is a big fan of email marketing to keep your clients informed and engaged. Send out a visually appealing weekly newsletter highlighting the week’s special offers, a sneak peek into the next week’s deals, and festive beauty tips or trends. Personalize these emails where possible to create a more direct connection with your clients. This not only keeps your salon at the forefront of your clients’ minds but also drives repeated traffic to your website and booking platform. You’ll want to repeat this each week.

Week 2: December 11th – 17th

Flash Sales

Flash sales are an excellent way to create urgency and boost bookings. Each day, offer a significant discount on a different service or product for a limited time. For example, a 30% discount on all hair coloring services for one day only. Promote these flash sales heavily on social media, through email marketing, and in-salon signage. The key is to make these offers feel exclusive and time-sensitive, encouraging clients to book immediately.

Bundle Deals

Create and promote special bundled service packages at a discounted rate. For instance, a “Holiday Glow” package could include a facial, manicure, and a festive hairstyle. Another idea is a “Party Prep” bundle, offering makeup, hair styling, and a mini-pedicure. These packages not only offer value to your clients but also introduce them to a range of services they might not have tried before. Ensure these bundles are attractively presented in your marketing materials and consider giving them festive names to enhance appeal.

Christmas-Themed VIP Night

Organize a festive VIP night at your salon to celebrate the holiday season. Transform your salon into a winter wonderland with Christmas decorations and a cozy atmosphere. Feature holiday-specific style demonstrations like glamorous party hairdos and festive makeup tutorials.

Enhance the experience with a “Mingle and Jingle” session, offering seasonal treats like mulled wine or hot chocolate. Introduce exclusive holiday packages or products, and offer special discounts for bookings made during the event.

Consider including a charity element by partnering with a local charity, fostering a spirit of giving. This exclusive, festive event serves as a perfect thank you to loyal customers and an enticing showcase for potential new clients, making it a standout feature of your salon’s holiday marketing strategy.

Refer-a-Friend Holiday Special

Implement a “Refer-a-Friend” holiday special to encourage your existing clients to bring new customers to your salon. For each new client referred, offer both the existing and the new client a festive bonus, such as a discount on their next service or a complimentary mini-treatment like a quick scalp massage or a festive nail art add-on.

Promote this special offer through your email campaigns, in-salon signage, and on social media, emphasizing the mutual benefits and the festive spirit of sharing. This strategy not only helps in acquiring new clients but also reinforces loyalty among your existing clientele.

To add a holiday twist, you could theme the rewards around Christmas, like offering a “Holiday Pampering Discount” or a special “Festive Treatment Voucher”. This approach not only taps into the festive mood but also leverages the power of word-of-mouth, an effective tool for organic growth and client retention.

Week 3: December 18th – 24th

Last-Minute Express Services with Booking Incentives

Offer a selection of last-minute express services coupled with booking incentives for the final week before Christmas. Promote quick yet indulgent services like 30-minute festive makeovers, speedy hairstyling, or express manicures, tailored for clients attending last-minute holiday events. To add extra appeal, include a small incentive for these bookings, such as a complimentary 10-minute head massage or a festive nail art add-on.

Market these services as ideal solutions for those needing a quick beauty fix amidst the holiday rush. Highlight the convenience, speed, and added value of these services in all your promotional materials, emphasising their suitability for busy schedules and last-minute needs. This approach combines the urgency of last-minute bookings with the allure of express, festive-themed treatments, catering to the needs of clients during the hectic final days leading up to Christmas.

Festive In-Salon Product Promotions

For the final week before Christmas, launch a festive retail promotion in your salon. This can include:

Special Discounts on Products: Offer a range of discounts on selected retail products like hair care items, skincare products, or makeup. This could be a ‘Buy One, Get One Half Price’ or a ‘20% Off on All Products’ sale.

Exclusive Holiday Bundles: Create holiday-themed retail bundles, such as a winter skincare set or a festive hair care package, at a special price. These bundles can be great last-minute gift ideas for customers.

Gift with Purchase: Provide a small gift with every retail purchase over a certain amount, like a travel-sized product or a salon voucher. This adds an extra incentive for clients to purchase more.

In-Salon Product Demonstrations: Offer quick demonstrations or mini-sessions showing how to use various products effectively. This not only educates your clients but also encourages them to buy.

Complimentary Gift-Wrapping Station

Set up a complimentary gift-wrapping station in your salon for any products purchased. This adds value to the customer experience and is a thoughtful touch during the gift-giving season. Advertise this feature in your salon and through your digital channels. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance customer satisfaction and stand out from competitors.

These strategies for the final week before Christmas are designed to maximize the festive rush, offering convenience and appreciation to your clients, thereby solidifying their loyalty and potentially attracting new clientele through word-of-mouth and last-minute bookings.

Things to Keep In Mind

Obviously you’re going to be focusing on your specific offers and marketing campaigns as much as possible this month but make you sure keep in mind the following points throughout the whole of the festive season.

A Magical Customer Experience

During the festive season, the customer experience should be nothing short of magical. Consider adding little touches like festive decorations, scented candles, and seasonal background music to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Offering seasonal refreshments like spiced tea or hot chocolate can also elevate the client’s experience. Ensuring your staff is attentive and personable will make each visit memorable. Remember, a delighted customer is more likely to return and recommend your salon to others.

Staff Management and Wellbeing

The festive season can be incredibly busy, so it’s vital to manage your staff effectively. Ensure schedules are well-organised to avoid overworking and maintain high service standards. Consider temporary hires if needed. It’s also important to focus on staff wellbeing.

Acknowledge their hard work with small gestures of appreciation, like organising a staff night out or giving a small bonus. Happy employees often lead to happy customers.

Utilise Your Google Business Profile

When marketing on social media in particular, salons often focus on just Instagram and Facebook. Whilst these platforms are excellent, don’t underestimate the power of the GBP. It is easy for you to create updates on the GBP and one of the best kinds of update posts you can create is an offer post.

Every time you put out a new festive-themed offer, make sure it goes out on your GBP as well as the other platforms. Salon Guru now includes a full service Google Business Profile management service to get in touch if you would like us to manage this for you.

Prepare for the Unexpected!

Finally, be prepared for unexpected situations such as last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Have a waitlist system in place to fill these slots quickly. Also, be prepared for any weather-related challenges, keeping your salon accessible and safe for both staff and clients.


In conclusion, the festive season presents a unique and lucrative opportunity for salons to enhance their client relationships, boost sales, and showcase their creativity and expertise. By implementing a phased approach to marketing and promotions, salons can effectively capture the heightened demand of the holiday period.

Starting from early December with enticing offers and social media engagement, moving into mid-December with last-minute incentives and exclusive events, and culminating in the final week before Christmas with a focus on express services and retail promotions, salons can maximize their reach and profitability.

Throughout this period, it’s crucial to maintain an exceptional level of customer service, ensure staff wellbeing, streamline operations, and seize retail opportunities. The festive season is more than just a time for increased business; it’s a chance to create lasting impressions, strengthen client loyalty, and set the stage for success in the new year.

By embracing the festive spirit in all aspects of salon marketing, salons can not only meet the seasonal rush but turn it into a memorable experience for both clients and staff alike. This comprehensive approach ensures that the salon not only thrives during the holidays but also builds a strong foundation for future growth.