Salon Marketing for Menopause Awareness Month October 2023

menopause awareness month


Menopause Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity for hair and beauty salon owners to connect with their older clientele and provide valuable services tailored to their unique needs. This month-long observance, celebrated in October 2023, shines a light on the physical and emotional changes that women go through during menopause, but let’s not forget about men, who also experience hormonal shifts known as andropause. In this post, we’ll explore how you can make the most of Menopause Awareness Month in your salon by offering specialised services, marketing campaigns, and product promotions.

Understanding Menopause and Andropause

Menopause, a natural phase in a woman’s life typically occurring in her late 40s or early 50s, brings about significant hormonal changes. As estrogen levels decrease, women may experience symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings, and changes in their skin and hair. Andropause, on the other hand, affects men as they age, leading to a decline in testosterone levels, which can also impact their skin and hair health.

In 2023, there are more and more people who do not neatly fit into the category of the two binary genders and so when working on about your marketing efforts, also think about people who were assigned female at birth but may now identify in a different way. Even though their bodies may be going through menopausal symptoms, if they are now identifying as non-binary, gender neutral, trans and so on, their needs might be quite different to those of cis women. Always be sensitive with your choice of wording etc.

Marketing ideas for your older clientele

Use this month to create some marketing campaigns specially designed to target your older clientele. Though when discussing this topic one thing to be mindful of is the language you use. Nobody likes being called old! That could be a blog topic of it’s own but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.

The beauty industry is typically seen as a young person’s game. Most adverts will feature models in their 20’s and thirties, though thankfully, many big brands are being more inclusive and including older women now. Just because somebody has reached a certain age doesn’t mean that they no longer care about their appearance, and this applies across the gender spectrum too – not just cis women.

However, what you might find is that as people age, it becomes less about looking a certain way because they want to try and please other people (ego centric) and more about looking after themselves because they want to feel good and look good for themselves, not for anybody else. This is self-care.

Focus your marketing around empowering people to look after themselves, learn about good skincare and haircare as the body ages and so on. 

older mature women

Self-care packages & offers

Create specialised packages in your salon or spa that include services like facials, massages, and hair treatments designed to alleviate menopausal symptoms and boost self-esteem. Make sure you read our guide to creating offers to make the most of the campaign.

At this is a month-long celebration you might want to come up with a few different packages and space them out throughout the month.

Educational Workshops

If you want your salon to be seen as a real authority in your location, go the extra mile and host workshops or seminars on menopause-related topics, including skincare and haircare. If you’re not comfortable with talking in front of a crowd, see if you can find a local expert who will come in and deliver the workshop.

This might seem like a lot of work but the benefits are huge:

  • It’s something that not many salons will bother with so it immediately makes yours stand out from the crowd
  • People don’t often to go events on their own which means if an existing client of yours wants to come, they may well bring a friend which will then be a potential new client for you.
  • You can ask suppliers to donate some free samples and give them out during the workshop. You’re providing even more value and that could lead to future sales.
  • A workshop is an event and this means that you can market it in ways that aren’t available normally. We’ll soon be putting out a comprehensive guide to event marketing, but for now just look for some websites in your local area that allow you to register your upcoming event for extra free publicity and links to your website.
  • Having people coming into your salon presents an opportunity to capture their email for further marketing regardless of whether or not they are making any kind of purchase at the event.

Menopause Mondays

Dedicate Mondays during Menopause Awareness Month to provide discounts on select services or products for older clients. Lookup Ellen Dolgen who originally started the Menopause Mondays blog for more information.

menopause mondays
Don’t exclude young people here – just provide a discount on those services that tend to appeal more to your more mature customers.

Leverage Social Media

The real power in social media comes from engagement. So rather than just publishing a post which other people consume and then promptly forget about, you want to encourage your followers to comment on your posts. One of the best ways to do this is to ask them questions and invite them to share something personal to them. Here are a few ideas:

  • “What’s your ultimate self-care ritual for navigating the changes that come with menopause? Share a selfie while you treat yourself to it!”
  • “We’re eager to witness your inner radiance! Post a selfie flaunting your confident smile, and reveal the secret sauce that fuels your confidence during the menopausal journey.”
  • “Time to flaunt your fabulous locks! Share a snapshot of your most empowering hairstyle, the one that makes you feel unstoppable despite the twists and turns of hormones.”
  • “Let’s dive into the world of makeup! What’s your signature look that accentuates your natural beauty during menopause? Grace our feed with a selfie to inspire others!”
  • “What’s your hidden gem for maintaining that youthful glow while embracing menopause? Share your must-have skincare product and accompany it with a selfie showcasing your radiant complexion.”
  • “Join us in celebrating both menopause and andropause! Share a special moment with your partner and tell us how you both support each other through these transformative life stages.”
  • “In honor of Menopause Awareness Month, let’s pay tribute to the incredible women who inspire us. Share a picture of a remarkable woman in your life and tell us why she’s your role model during menopause.”
  • “Let’s shine the spotlight on the men gracefully navigating andropause. Share a picture of a gentleman who exemplifies grace during this life stage and tell us his story.”
  • “Self-love is our theme this month. Share a selfie and reveal one thing you absolutely cherish about yourself during this incredible journey through menopause.”
  • “Unveil your hair and beauty transformations! Post a side-by-side picture to showcase the magic our salon has worked on you, both in appearance and confidence.”
  • “Who’s your ultimate beauty icon when it comes to aging gracefully? Share a picture of a celebrity you admire for their poise during the menopausal years.”
  • “Life’s all about balance, and it tastes even better during menopause. Share a snapshot of your favorite meal or drink that keeps you feeling nourished and recharged.”
  • “Let’s honor those timeless friendships that have weathered the seasons of life. Post a heartwarming photo with your best friend and reveal your secret to staying close during menopause.”
  • “It’s more than just physical beauty; it’s about embracing your unique qualities. Share a selfie and one trait you absolutely adore about your personality during menopause.”
  • “Unmask your #MenopauseGlow! Share a makeup-free picture and spill the beans on how you maintain your natural radiance during this transformative phase.”

For these posts on social media, don’t forget to sprinkle in a few hashtags:

  • #MenopauseAwarenessMonth
  • #MenopauseAwareness
  • #MenopauseJourney
  • #MenopauseMatters
  • #MenopauseCommunity
  • #MenopauseWellness
  • #MenopauseStories
  • #MenopauseAdvice
  • #BeautyAtAnyAge
  • #EmbraceAging
  • #AgingGracefully
  • #AgingWithGrace
  • #PositiveAging
  • #Andropause

Blog articles

The menopause is one of those things that is still somewhat taboo in some circles. Use this month as a way of educating and informing your customers by putting out a few blog posts. Here are a few ideas you could try:

  • “The Ultimate Guide to Menopause and Hair Care”: Discuss how hormonal changes during menopause can affect hair and provide tips and product recommendations for maintaining healthy locks.
  • “Skin Changes in Menopause: Beauty Tips and Skincare Routine”: Explore the impact of menopause on the skin, offering skincare routines and product suggestions to address common concerns.
  • “The Science Behind Menopause: Hormones and Hair Loss”: Explain the hormonal factors contributing to hair thinning and suggest strategies to combat it.
  • “Flaunting Your Fabulous: Hairstyles That Boost Confidence in Menopause”: Showcase stylish haircuts and styles that suit mature women, emphasizing the importance of feeling confident during menopause.
  • “Makeup Magic: Enhancing Your Natural Beauty During Menopause”: Provide makeup tips and techniques that enhance mature skin, including product recommendations.
  • “The Role of Estrogen in Hair Health: What You Need to Know”: Delve into the connection between estrogen and hair and discuss how to support hair health during menopause.
  • “Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for Menopausal Women: A Guide”: Offer a comprehensive guide on selecting hairstyles that complement different face shapes and hair types for mature women.
  • “Nutrition for Healthy Hair and Skin During Menopause”: Explore the impact of diet on hair and skin health during menopause and share nutrition tips.
  • “Self-Care Beyond Beauty: Navigating Menopause with Confidence”: Discuss self-care practices that empower women during menopause, both inside and out.
  • “Hair Color Maintenance in Menopause: Tips and Tricks”: Provide guidance on maintaining and refreshing hair color as it evolves during menopause, including product recommendations.

Promoting Salon Products

This month is a great time to promote products that help to promote healthy ageing in some way. You can create some offers like a 3-for-2 type deal, give out some free samples when people come in for another treatments and so on. Focus on these kinds of products if you carry them in your salon:

  • Hydrating Skincare Products: Moisturizers and serums enriched with hyaluronic acid and peptides to combat dryness and fine lines.
  • Night Creams: Night creams with ingredients like retinol and niacinamide to promote skin cell turnover and reduce signs of aging.
  • Hair Thickening Shampoos and Conditioners: Products formulated with biotin, collagen, or keratin to help thicken and strengthen thinning hair.
  • Wrinkle-Filling Serums: Serums containing peptides and antioxidants to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and boost skin elasticity.
  • Age-Defying Makeup: Makeup products designed for mature skin, including creamy, hydrating foundations and anti-aging concealers.
  • Vitamin C Serums: Serums rich in vitamin C to brighten the complexion and reduce age spots.
  • Men’s Skincare Kits: Skincare kits tailored to men’s needs, including cleansers, moisturizers, and anti-aging products.
  • Hair Regrowth Products: Topical solutions or shampoos containing minoxidil to stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss.
  • Anti-Aging Body Wash: Body washes enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and revitalize aging skin.


Menopause Awareness Month is an excellent opportunity for hair and beauty salon owners to cater to their older clientele by providing specialized services, educational content, and targeted product promotions. By addressing the unique needs of menopausal and andropausal individuals, your salon can become a trusted partner in helping them navigate these natural life transitions with grace and confidence. Embrace inclusivity, celebrate the beauty of aging, and empower your clients to feel their best during this important stage of life.