Your Salon’s Google Checklist – by Phil Evans

This checklist has been created for salon owners who watched my webinar with SalonIQ "How to get clients from Google for FREE".   

In the webinar, I explained the 3 very different areas of Google that can all bring new clients to your salon.

This image shows an example of sections 2 and 3, ignoring section 1 adverts.

You can watch the webinar here.

1. Google Adwords
In the webinar, I explained why this is NOT the option for most salons as it costs money for every click.

That investment is best directed at your website for long-term no cost traffic.

But, if you want to read more about Google Adverts this page provides an introduction and I would be delighted to book a call to discuss campaigns that we have run and the results.

2. Google Business Profile & Map
This is the latest name for a Google Business Listing or the Local Map Pack. It provides a map and 3 company listings at the very top of many search results (after any adverts). 

This image shows the map with 3 Business Profiles. Try some local searches to see how and where you appear.

For many of our clients, their Business Profile accounts for 25-35% of all of their website traffic. So, it is important to take ownership and then update your Profile.

This page explains in a lot of detail how to claim ownership, update your profile and track results.

In summary: CLAIM your listing, UPDATE the info every month and TRACK the results.

Remember, we are here to help if you get stuck.

3. Google Search - the website results

One of the most important (and free) ways that Google can give you potential clients are the search results. These are all the websites that Google thinks match the phrase you searched for. On our example image on the webinar, the search phrase was "hair colour salon Liverpool".

Your Google search rank. As a starting point, you should know where you rank for a broad range of phrases in your suburb, town, city or region. This could be hair phrases like balayage and wedding hair, or beauty phrases like lash extensions and manicures, or aesthetic phrases like lip-fillers and wrinkle reduction.

Make a list of at least 30 phrases and check where your salon's website appears on the results. Or ask us for a free Google rank report and we will do the work for you.

Once you identify where you rank poorly (outside the top 3 places) create a plan of new content (pages) or additions to pages on your site. This page explains a lot more about how Google chooses a webpage for the top places. The key is well-written content that answers the question e.g. "balayage prices" but also provides lots of helpful information and images like this page.

Your traffic from Google. Knowing how many people visit your website and where they come from (the source) is vital. To do that we use a free tool called Google Analytics for all our website clients. It means that, as you improve your search rank explained in the previous step, you can see the actual visitor numbers improve on Analytics.

You can also see how many people come from your Google Business Profile and also follow links from your social media or email newsletters. Knowing the numbers is really important.

This page gives a lot more information on Google Analytics.

The search phrases that bring traffic. The next free tool to help you plan is Google Webmaster or Search Console (they change the name every few months). The example shown on the webinar for Voodou Liverpool showed that over the last 3 months the biggest search phrase for bringing visitors (apart from their name) was Nioxin Reviews.  This knowledge helps you plan where a small improvement in a phrase's rank can bring a lot of new visitors. More info on Google Search Console here.

Perfect web pages.  Being number 1 on Google search for an important phrase is great - but what if the page the client arrives at is slow, the layout is terrible, or it lacks information or calls to action?

Check ALL of your important pages on a PC and then mobile as 70% of your visitors will be on a phone.

If you think your website or page may be slow, go to this speed test page and add the address of the page.  For more accuracy use the Advanced Configuration button to run the test in your country. You should aim for a load speed under 5 seconds and ideally under 3.


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