Not every salon wants a superstar website or a constant stream of new clients from world-beating salon marketing.

So, we offer 3 levels of salon website and marketing plans to suit your ambition and budget.

Salon Website EssentialSalon Website Marketing LIteSalon Website Marketing Pro
Salon Website Marketing Pro

Our PRO plan provides the ultimate salon website and ongoing marketing to gain new clients.

The Salon Website: a beautiful design that loads super-fast on PCs, tablets, and mobiles. Packed with informative pages about services, client reviews, prices staff bios, videos, contact pages, promotions, sign-up forms... and more.

The Salon Marketing: monthly blog posts, SEO updates, google rank reports, client email newsletters, Facebook and Instagram plans, social media advertising, recruitment.... and a lot more.

Salon Website Marketing LIte

Our LITE Salon Website package offers exactly the same features as the PRO but with less time from our team each month.

The Salon Website: will still be beautifully designed, fast loading and full of features - but with fewer pages than the PRO package.

The Salon Marketing: Monthly marketing to bring new clients includes the same as the PRO, but with less time each month from our team. So blogs and newsletters may be every other month - you choose!

Salon Website Essential

Our ESSENTIAL plan provides a salon website that will be better than all the local competition but without the ongoing monthly marketing support.

The Website: will have fewer pages than PRO and LITE but beautiful and fast.

The Marketing: essential plans can be upgraded any time to Lite or Pro, or you can buy one-off hours as and when needed.

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Above are our 3 most popular salon website & marketing packages.

However, each salon is unique, so we will prepare a quote specific to your needs when you use this form to provide your contact information.

Why our 3 salon website and marketing plans are unbeatable

Our prices are per month for the 1st year - so no big upfront salon website costs.

You get the rewards whilst still paying, and you get our constant salon marketing support.

Our website and expertise will give you lots of web traffic and new clients, and a BIG increase in salon income

So balance the cost against the value of the extra clients and income.

There are many companies that will promise you the best Salon Website, but without the industry expertise, they do not understand how salons work, how to attract new clients, and how the salon website needs to be designed.

We have an unbeatable 20 years' experience of Salon Websites and Marketing - and we KNOW what works.

We also appreciate that salon owners want to see the benefits without a large up-front website cost. So, unlike most hair & beauty salon website designers we offer a monthly payment scheme so that you get continual support and guidance while we create the perfect Salon Website.

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