the best Salon Online Marketing Plan- step 2

2This number 2 in Easy Steps to an exceptional, high-performance salon website.

Step 1 guided you through putting in place all the tools and resources that would be the foundation of your campaign.

Step 2 is when you pro-actively communicate your marketing messages, begin capturing client information and also sees the start of a never-ending process of improving your website content and raising your search engine rankings.

email for hair and beauty salons

Capture client information for your salon

At every step in your re-designed website you want to try and entice clients to leave their email address and contact information.

Over the months and years to come this will be an invaluable method of marketing new services and products to clients, and for sending regular newsletters and updates.

The sooner you start, the bigger the impact on turnover!

I have provided more details and examples in the page Email Managers for salons.

Facebook and your salon

Spread the word through Facebook

If you are committed to a campaign of marketing that will increase your salon income dramatically, then Facebook is your biggest ally.

This Internet phenomenon has become a new daily means of communication for a whole generation – and if your salon does not have a great Facebook page your are missing a VERY big opportunity

It gives the you ability to sell to your clients every day with offers, news, salon gossip, promotions – or just a friendly “hello” from their favourite salon.

So now is the time to develop a weekly calendar of “Facebook messages”.

SEO for your hairdressing salon

Measuring and improving search engine rankings

Search Engine traffic is massively important, but you have to get the ranking, which requires long-term work.

It is complicated, time-consuming and never-ending, but a higher search engine rank will bring fast and measurable results to your salon

You will need professional help, but he or she will be worth their weight in gold when you see the results. Rankings and website traffic should now be part of your regular review of your salon’s performance

Read SEO for salons if you want to understand how it works.

salon website content and blogs

Improve your salon website content

Content really is king to search engines, so your website needs to have up-to-date information and news with very regular updates.

As we reach the end of the 2nd stage in your website renewal, the importance of really interesting, new, informative content will be apparent.

Not only does it give your website visitors a far broader and deeper understanding of your salon, search engines will reward you for every page, every sentence and every image.



We have now reached the end of Step 2 and we are creating a truly exceptional salon website.

There are still 2 very important steps to go – so don’t lose heart and remind yourself of the incredible financial impact these steps will have on your salon.