Surveys for Salon Clients

TOOLS-CLIENT-SURVEYS-6For any Salon to succeed and grow it is vital to get feedback from clients – what are you doing well, where could you improve?

The obvious way to do this is a Salon Client Survey but how do you do this easily, regularly and with the right questions?

On the next page you can test-drive a Salon Client Survey – but let’s first look at why the system we have developed is the best way to get client feedback for your salon.

How to invite clients to take the Salon Survey

Send an email or text invitation to clients
This means you can pre-load the survey with information about the client e.g. name, date of visits, stylist, type of service. This can be hidden from clients but be part of the survey results and analysis.
Emailing or texting client invitations means you can export a list of any kind of client for any survey e.g. New Clients, Lost Clients, High Value Clients.

Place the survey on a webpage –
This time you will need to ask for their name, email, date of visits etc. if you want the answer as part of the survey. But, it requires no emails or data exports.
You can offer different surveys for different types of clients on separate pages e.g. or

Put the survey on your Salon Facebook page –
Either use a Tab to hold the survey – or just post a link on your wall to a survey held online.

What are Survey Logic, Branching and Actions ?

Logic allows you do “do” things in the survey based on information. E.g. if a color client ask this question, if a Man ask this, if aged over 50 ask this. You will see logic in use in our example – if a Good salon rating do this – if a Bad salon rating do this.

Branching lets you jump questions or whole pages – so if a Guy don’t ask any of these questions, if a New Client jump to page 3

Actions are things that happen when conditions are met. Examples include, if a Bad rating – send and email to the salon, if a Good rating – offer a Gift Voucher and send an email for “Recommend a Friend


How can my salon benefit from Client Surveys?

Some of the possible uses of salon client feedback surveys

  • Get testimonials from clients
  • Deal with complaints immediately
  • Get Happy clients to introduce friends
  • Get clients to write reviews for Qype, Yelp and Google
  • Up-sell happy clients with new services
  • Monitor client ratings by stylist/salon/service
  • Survey Lost Clients and entice them back
  • Find out what new services or products clients would like to buy

These are just a few suggestions…. take the test drive by clicking the “take the Survey” image and see how you could get new clients through great Salon Surveys.

At the top of the survey page look for the + Notes that explain what is happening on each page