Salons and Search Engines – get more clients

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Can a Search Engine attract more Salon Clients?

The answer is an emphatic and immediate YES!

But many Salons do not know how or why, or may even ask “is it worth it ?”

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This short guide will –

  • explain how Search Engines work for Salons
  • give real examples of the effect on Salon income
  • show where most Salons make mistakes
  • give tips on getting more Salon clients from searches


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1 – where does your Salon Rank on Google Search?

The important 1st step is to recognise the scale of your success (or problem) and check where your Salon “ranks” for important keywords.  So for someone searching in your area for Hair Colour are you 2nd or 52nd in the long list of results.

Salon Search KeywordsThis page allows you to enter your website address, choose some keywords, select which version of Google (e.g. .com for USA and for the UK)

Remember to include your town/city name as in the example here – click to enlarge the image

The information we entered (highlighted red) produced the results (green)

For Hair Colour Liverpool this one Hair Salon ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th – incredible results.

You can also see that salon guru rates 11th in America for Salon Websites (it is number 1 in the UK).

Use this tool to check your rank for 3 or 4 important salon search phrases – Hair Colour Chicago, Hair Salon London, Beauty Salon York

2 – how does a Search Engine attract more Salon clients?

We often hear a salon say “we are number 1 on Google” but soon realise they mean for their Salon Name. Unless you have many Salons in your town with the same name you should be!

Money may not grow on trees – but we can prove that there are hundreds of potential new clients searching for a Salon every day in your area – and if they do not come to your website you are missing out.

We will use statistics from one of our typical Salon websites to demonstrate the enormous value of search engines to Salon

More Salon ClientsOut of over 10,000 visitors in July 2011  71% were from Search Engines

That meant 7,350 search engine visitors to the website

Of those-  3,500 did NOT search for the Salon name

This means over 3,500 people in a month to their website that did NOT know their salon and were looking for hair services in their City.

Can you afford to ignore that volume of potential NEW Salon clients?

3 – How does a Salon Website get a high Search Engine rank?

We have produced detailed Audit Reports for over a hundred Salon Websites in the UK and USA – and 95% suffer from the same problems.

Too often the emphasis is on “looking good” rather than on a high Google rank. It is like paying for a very expensive and impressive Salon store-front – but in a street that no-one ever walks down.

If you are not on the 1st page of Google your are invisible – and the number 1 rank gets 4 times as many visitors as number 2.

So if you are really serious about the getting the most new clients from your Salon Website – there is only one acceptable result  – number 1 on Google

The mechanics of persuading Google to give your Salon Website the highest rank are complex and forever changing – but this is the expertise of Salon Guru.

We recently launched a new Salon Website in America that jumped form 120th on Google for Hair Color in their City to Number 2– in 4 days!.

The next step in securing your Salon Website number 1 on Google will be a detailed Audit of your Salon Website and a 1-on-1 consultation on the changes you will need to make.

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