Salon Website Design – checklist

Are you looking for the best Salon Website Designs in the UK or USA?

Or are you planning a new salon website?

These are the important factors to understand and include in your website plans.

Salon Website Design - the Key Elements

1. Content you can easily add

Your salon website should be like a great magazine - with interesting new content added every week.

This requires a content management system (CMS) that allows you to "post" a new article to your Salon Website in minutes. By far the most widely used is WordPress.If you do not have a CMS at the heart of your Salon Website Design you will always have to pay a website company to add new content or make changes.

2. A structure that is designed for Search Engines

Optimising a website for Search Engines (Salon Website SEO) is vital if you want to be highly ranked in search results.

If you get get a rank in the top 3 for all your Salon's key phrases it will drive lots of traffic to your site and bring new clients. This is achieved initially with well planned menus and pages that are easy to navigate for visitors. but more important, give search engines a clear picture of what your website is all about.

When choosing a building for your Salon you understood that location is everything - the same applies to ranking on Search Engines. If you cannot get into the top 3 places on Google UK or in the US for all your key phrases, your Salon Website Design is not working.

3. Content that is Search Engine Optimised

Not only do you need a great structure for SEO, you also need the content on each page to be carefully written to educate search engines. Robots programs (called spiders) will visit your site nearly every day to "read" your content and decide its relevance to a set of search phrases.

With careful use of Headings and Tags and keyword density we cleverly tell Google with absolute clarity "this page is all about....".

SEO for Salons

- is a mix of science and art. The science is tagging, keyword density and alt descriptions - the art is making your Salon Website design engineered for search engine robots but also readable and informative for humans.

4. Great promotions and client "hooks"

One you have a great website design, and you have a lot of traffic through high search engine rank, the final and most important step is to turn those web visitors into salon clients.

With 20 years of experience and over 100 supported salons, we are experts in the tricks that make your salon website into an engine for new clients and money.

We can show you MANY wonderful examples of ...

  • New Client Promotions and Vouchers
  • Salon Late Deals
  • Promoting New Stylists
  • Colour Promotions
  • Events like Mother's day, Valentine's and Christmas.
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Online Stores

Our Salon Marketing and Promotions expertise is what makes us UNIQUE.

There are many more pages within Salon Guru that will guide and inform you once you have your Salon Website design in place, but these are the fundamental choices about -

Salon Website Design Examples

These are just some of our recent  Salon Website design projects in the UK, US and Australia  - see all our salon websites here

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