What makes the best salon website design?

It is not how attractive it is. The ONLY measurement that matters is how busy it is.

Most Salon Guru clients see a 300% increase in website traffic in the first year.

Why? Because we know how to design a salon website to be attractive and ranked at the top of search engines.

No other company has the breadth of experience of Salon Guru in designing and creating the world's best and busiest salon websites.

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Use a Salon Website expert

We are the world leader in salon website design! We have Salon clients all over the United Kingdom & USA and have won many Salon Website & Marketing Awards.

Best of all, our Salon Websites are packed with tools to increase your income

Website Design for SEO

We build quality websites to improve your rank in searches and no-one has our expertise at getting salon websites to number 1 on Google.

We make sure Salon Guru websites rank higher in Google than your competition.

Our Free Website Guides

We know what makes the best salon website!

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What we do...

We create the best award-winning Salon Websites

  • We have won many Salon Website & Marketing Awards
  • We ensure your Salon Websites ranks higher than your competition
  • We always work on a monthly payment plan, so no upfront costs
  • We guide & mentor every salon client during their 1st 12 months
  • Our Salon Websites are packed with tools to increase your income

Who are our many salon clients...

Our salons are in all parts of the English-speaking world.

  • We have Salon clients all over the United Kingdom, United States of America, Ireland & Australia
  • Our clients range in size from salons with 3 stylists to multi-location groups and mega-salons in city centres
  • We have salons that have been with us many years, and those just beginning their journey of growth