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salon-website-adviceThese are the most important elements of the best salon websites – that most website designers fail to provide.

If all you have is an attractive salon website with nice words – then it is like having a beautiful Porsche in the garage and not knowing  how to drive. OK, you may get some admiring glances, but people will not want to travel with you.

So this is an instruction manual on how you turn your Salon website into a super-powered motor, AND the knowledge and tools you need to drive it, and your salon, to rapid financial success.

All of this information is covered in other pages of this site in more detail, but this is a quick introduction to getting your salon website on the right track



Websites for Salons


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Capture client information for salon marketing

SELL your salon’s services and products

Have web content that is timely, relevant and interesting

Engage clients with “calls to action

Get your website seen!

Inform your customers about your salon

Inform YOU about your customers

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