Secret Salon Deals



4 years ago we launched a great system to encourage clients to share your Salon Late Deals on facebook and Twitter – but then facebook changed the rules and removed that feature.

We are now delighted to announce that after many months’ work we are now able to offer a new and improved Secret Salon Deals.

Secret Deals are a game-changer, allowing your Late Deals to reach a massive audience on social media – and all for free when your clients share with their friends.


What are Secret Salon Deals?

Secret deals are created in exactly the same way as your other Salon Late Deals – but you just tick them as “secret” when adding. This means they are hidden on the deals page until your web visitors are tempted to reveal them by sharing on social media.

You only need a small number of Secret Salon Deals as we are aiming at the maximum number of shares through temptation marketing – rather than lots of sales after the reveal.



Why Secret Deals are so powerful

The more people that see you have some great Salon Late Deals, the more you will sell.

But facebook posts are now seen by few fans, weekly facebook adverts are too expensive, and mass emails take time to prepare and send.

Secret Deals tempt the visitors to your website to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to reveal the hidden deals. This posts to their newsfeed, using their name, seen by all their friends and family. And is totally FREE.

This is what the post by the client looks like on Facebook. On Twitter the action is a Tweet and on Google+ a share.



See Secret Salon Deals in action

This page has the usual Late Deals, but scroll down to see the big Secret Deals graphics and share buttons.

If you share to facebook you will see a post on your newsfeed like that above – and so will all your family and friends (typically about 300 people). If they follow the link and also share that number can grow exponentially – and your Salon Late Deals have gone viral !!

Remember that you can choose the image, title, description and the link to your webpage. Each share can also be tracked so you know exactly how many free viral shares have happened.


Next for Secret salon Deals

Now we have the right permissions from facebook to post to client’s newsfeeds we can take Social Sharing to a whole new level.

Imagine if EVERY client that signed-up for a promotion like a New Client Voucher had to share 1st. Each new client would be telling about 300 family and friends – and all for free.

On this page see how Secret Deals can be used to create a viral buzz about your salon’s New Client Offer.