To help salons understand the best solution for their website on mobile devices we have created these 3 videos that explain Salon Apps, Mobile Salon Websites and Push Notifications.

Watch and learn.

the best Salon Websites


Salon Mobile Apps – Video 1

How Salons can use mobile websites and mobile apps to increase salon income and get new clients.

Video 1 explains the importance of mobile technology to salons.

Did you know 35% of your website visitors are probably using a mobile device?

Salon Mobile Apps – Video 2

The options available to salons for a “mobile solution”.

What are mobile websites? What can apps do for my salon? Whats is a web app?

We have the answers in this short video.

Salon Mobile Apps – Video 3

How salons can use mobile websites, mobile apps and push notifications to gain new clients and income.

This 3rd video in the series looks at our solution and why we think it is the best option for Salons.