How Salon Late Deals Works

Set-up: We create your FREE listing on, one of the world’s best salon directories.

Your website: We send you a single line of code to place the deals onto your website.

Add Deals: Login to to add your own Late Deals for any service, any day, at any discount and in the quantity you choose.

Sell: Clients visit YOUR website to buy Deals and you get an email when a deal is sold. You get instant payment into your Paypal account.

Manage: You call the client to book them in on a day/time to suit YOU. You can see all claims and contact info on your Deals status page. You can also export client info for email and text marketing.

The costs of Salon Late Deals

Installing Salon Late Deals is free - and we are happy to guide you every step of the way.

Once installed Salon Late Deals has a per-transaction cost as described below. If you do not use it, or it does not work for you, it costs NOTHING.

tick-orange Set-up is FREE.

tick-orange The per-transaction charge is 6% of the value plus £1.50. (From the 6% we pay the 4% Paypal fee).

tick-orange Payments are instant from clients to your Paypal account, with the transaction fee automatically deducted.

What is included in the free set-up:

  • We create a listing for you on with all your information - address, hours, suppliers, images and description like this example.
  • We provide you with a username and password to login to
  • We then add the Salon Late Deals admin section so you can login and add deals, manage your claims and run reports.
  • Your are now LIVE with Salon Late Deals and we provide the code to install on your own website
  • You will need a Paypal business account linked to your bank account to transfer the money for Deals sold.

How Late Deals are processed and the costs

  • The client buys the deal and pays using Paypal (or a card)
  • The client gets an email confirmation and so does the salon
  • Payment is sent immediately to your Paypal account
  • On you can see the details of the purchase and the info to call them.
  • The per-transaction charge is:
    6% of the value plus £1.50 (or $2.50, €2.25, AUS$3.50) per sale.
    From the 6% we pay the Paypal fee of 4%
    We deduct the fee at the time of passing the money into your Paypal account.
    Please note the prices above exclude VAT (only applicable to UK salons).

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Installing Salon Late Deals to your own website is very straightforward - and we are happy to help at every stage.

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