How to add Salon Late Deals to your website

These are the steps to follow to add Salon Late Deals to your own website.

If you get stuck at any point – feel free to email us for help.


This form collects the information we need to get started on creating your FREE listing on our salon directory website

Note: All fields are required.

Your information

Your Name

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Your Salon information

Your Salon Name

Your Town/City

Your Country

How many salons do you have?

How many stylists do you employ?

Your Website Address

Once we have your registration we will visit your website and collect the rest of the information including opening hours, description, address etc.

Once you listing is complete we will email you. This is an example of a salon listing –

But in the meantime you can continue with section 2. Set-up or upgrade your Paypal account.

paypal3 steps to creating a Paypal business account linked to your bank.

Having a full Business account will mean you can also sell vouchers & products from your website.

1. You need a Paypal Business account and you need to link it to your bank so you can with draw money. Create one on this link

2. If you have a Personal account you should upgrade to a Business.

3. Connect your Paypal, account to your bank on this page

Once you have a Business account connected to your bank you need you need to set some permissions on Paypal. This allows you to issue refunds inside Salon Late Deals and cannot be skipped.

If you get stuck on any of this we are happy to help you. Paypal set-up can be tricky, but is done just the once.

Permissions :

Log into your Business Paypal Account
Go to Tools in the menu and All Tools in the dropdown
Click the box API Credentials with 2 cogs

On the next page choose the left option Add or edit API permissions

On the next page copy and paste this code into the box called “Third Party Permission Username ”

then click LOOKUP

On the next screen you only need ticks in 2 boxes

number 2. Issue a refund for a specific transaction
number 7. Obtain information about a single transaction

then click Save

The FINAL step is to send us the email address you used to create your Paypal account.
We will add that to as the place to send your payments.

Once your listing is complete and we know your Payapl email address, we send you the embed code to pull the Late Deals created on into your website.

Please pass the code to your web designer and ask them to create a new Late Deals page.

You will also need to place on that page some text to explain how the system works. These pages are good examples –

You will need all the explanatory text – but edit the Terms if needed.

The embed code can be placed either before or after the text.

If you want a Late Deals image for your page, there are a number suitable in this dropbox we created

If you have any questions or problems – do not hesitate to email us.


Once you have your listing on, your Paypal account is ready and the code is embedded to your website – you can test Salon Late Deals.

Add a test deals on Remember that if you set the From date as tomorrow or later it will not display (yet).

Buy a deal and check that you get the email to the client. Note: you cannot use the same Paypal account to pay for the deal as the one that gets the payment.

The number left will be reduced by 1 for each sale.

Salon Late Deals will email your company email (in settings) with the client and deal information.

It will also email the salon email (in location) if different to the company.

You will get an email from Paypal to the client and one to the salon.

On your Claims page you will see the red claims box – click it to see the client and deal info.

If you enter the 3 sets of initials as though you have called the client you can send the email “we could not contact you“.

Or you can mark as Booked or Delete.


Read our guide to all the features of Salon Late Deals and how to use your listing on

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