How to Rebuild Your Salon Business Post-COVID

By Phil Evans
Managing Director, Salon Guru

This page provides notes, tips, and examples to support the webinar help in conjunction with the Hairdressers Journal.

Guiding your salon through the pandemic and then beyond is a mammoth task, and getting expert help could be what turns business survival into business growth.

If you would like to talk to me (Phil Evans) about websites, Google rank, social media advertising or anything else, please use the "Want to Chat?" button at the bottom of every page to speak to one of our live assistants. They will be able to arrange a day and time for the call.

The key message is have a plan, get expert help, learn from what the best salons do.


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1. Rebuild your salon team - how to recruit

Nearly every salon that we talk to has staff "issues", so do not feel that you are alone. We suggest you read all the notes and try everything as each salon location will be different.

Useful links: Our step-by-step guide to salon recruitment

Examples of good recruitment web pages: Hampshire, Bishops StortfordOldham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Northampton

Quick Tips:

  • Have a good vacancy webpage (see examples above)
  • Think of new incentives like every other weekend off
  • Post to your salon's social media and boost for a small amount and target only local people see this page
  • Post on Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and other free sites
  • Try a paid-for advert on Indeed and create a company page
  • Try a Facebook job post
  • Create Facebook & Instagram adverts targeted at ONLY qualified staff see these examples
  • Offer staff and clients an incentive if they introduce someone - spread the word

2. Rebuild your income - more clients & visits

Existing clients post COVID

You WILL lose some clients due to COVID shielding, loss of key staff or they just want a change. But plan your communications - almost daily social posts, one or more emails a month, constant updates to your website home page. In this Treatwell survey, 96% of Londoners are scared about going back to the salon.

Quick Tips:

  • Plan what to say and when (be prepared to change it)
  • Check out the best salon websites for ideas on what to say and when - we have 200+ on our website
  • Plan WHERE and when e.g. Facebook and Instagram posts and client emails
  • Make your posts and emails visual and snappy - link to blog posts on your website email1 email2 email3
  • Make a quick video or blog post - "How your visit will be different post COVID" - a great example
  • Talk about more space, longer appointments, new safety procedures, a relaxed atmosphere - a warm welcome

Look at long term plans for the way you incentivise clients - colour days, refer a friend, loyalty cards and points.

New clients campaign

After the lockdowns there are LOT of potential clients looking for a new salon - this is how to capture their attention and get that appointment.

The Plan:

  • When: will you need more clients? Monitor your bookings for the next few weeks.
  • What: will you have an offer or boost a key service?
  • How: will you spread the message?
  • Update: your offer and budget based on results.

Boost existing services..
E.g. Update your website re Hair Extensions, or Smoothing or Balayage - with better images, more info, clear pricing
Plan social media posts and LINK to the content
Plan social media adverts for the new content
Check your Google rank before and after

When planning social media adverts use -

  • Audiences (from your web visitors)
  • Postcodes of more affluent areas
  • Drop pins on the map for multiple locations
  • Use Interests e.g. Hair Extensions
  • Use Job Roles and Employer e.g. salon or receptionist
  • Start with a small budget and increase when it works
  • Use images made into videos
  • Use Dynamic Creative

3. IMPROVE your assets

Your images: Read our guide to better salon images.

Better images will improve the look, feel and performance of everything you do.

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram
  • Social media adverts
  • Your website

PS: Have a STAFF POLICY about photos taken in the salon. 

Your Google rank: get a free Google rank report and then read how to improve your position.
Google search is the most important way to get new clients so dedicate the time it needs to improve and track the changes!

Your Google Business Listing: how does it work and how do I get to the top? Read more here
Open your phone now or asap and search “salon xxtown” or Balayage or Dermal Filler
See who is top and WHY

Your social media: Your daily posts to social media should be more than just a chore - they need to look good and also have an engaging message. The best way to do this is to follow and study the best salons on Facebook and Instagram.

We have listed just a few of the best on this page, but do your own research locally and nationally.

have a plan, get expert help, learn from what the best salons do.