A 6 Point Plan to Rebuild Your Salon

In less than 2 minutes our video explains how to start 2022 with an expert plan to Rebuild your salon..

Our expertise comes from helping more than 200 hair, beauty and aesthetic salons in all parts of the English-speaking world for more than 15 years.

This is our 6 point plan to help you generate more income in 2022 as we rebuild after the effects of COVID.

salon google search SEO

Your Salon's Google Business Listing

Appearing at the very top of search results, this is now one of the most important tools to bring new clients and it is totally FREE!
Read our guide to claiming your Google listing and then optimising it on this page.

Your TO-DO list...

  • Claim your listing
  • Check your position on search
  • Optimise your listing and categories
  • Add more images and info each month
  • Check your position changes over time 

Your Salon's Google Search Results

If you want your salon to be busier with lots of new clients, a TOP priority is your Salon's Search Engine Rank.
Read more about the importance of Search Engines on this page and get a FREE Rank report for your salon phrases in your location.

This is your quick TO DO list...

  • Get a rank report
  • Look at your traffic from search engines
  • Add some website content or make changes
  • Get a new rank report
  • Check the traffic changes

Your Salon's Website

As possibly the biggest provider of salon websites in the world we would always put this near the top of our list. 

Your TO DO list for the New Year should include ...

  • Understand your web traffic - make sure you install and use Google Analytics to measure your website visitors
  • Plan additions and changes - your website should be updated every month. Make a PLAN for the next 3 months.
  • If you do not offer "incentives" 2022 may be the time to start.
    We have lots of experience of what works best and this may include New Client Offers, Recommend a Friend,  Colour Days etc.

Facebook & Instagram

Your social media is a valuable source of business - but do you track the numbers and make proper plans?

Your TO-DO list for your social media should include...

  • Record your key stats e.g. Fans/Followers
  • Improve your content PHOTOS
  • Plan seasonal and festive content
  • Learn about social media adverts. We run hundreds of social adverts like these 
  • Keep checking/updating stats

Salon Recruitment

For most salons, staff will be one of the BIG challenges for 2022. We have seen a massive turnover in staff among our salon clients in the past 12 months but there are new staff members out there if you have a recruitment plan in place. 
Read our full Salon Recruitment Guide.

Your Recruitment TO-DO list...

  • Make sure your website has all your vacancies
  • Ensure your vacancies are Structured Data so they appear at the top of Google Search
  • Run Social media ads aimed ONLY at qualified staff
  • Place sponsored vacancies on sites like Indeed.


One of the biggest changes you can make to all your marketing is better salon images. If you improve the photos you take, your social media, website and emails ALL look better and tell a better story. 

Read our Guide to taking better images in your salon.

Your photo TO-DO list will include...

  • Choose the best location for ALL photos
  • Buy a roll-down backdrop if needed
  • Educate and train key staff
  • Offer incentives for the most/best photos in a month
  • USE the new photos everywhere