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Our tips for creating a Salon Website to rank amongst the best in the world….

1. Learn from other salons’s websites & marketing campaigns
Find the best salon websites in the world and visit them every month for inspiration.

2. Know your salon’s website traffic
Your web traffic is a VITAL performance indicator. Make it part of your monthly marketing report.

3. Know your Salon’s Google rank
Search for your city plus “Hair Cut” or “Hair Colour” (and lots more). You need to be in the top 3 and ideally number 1 to get lots of website traffic and potential clients.

4. Update your salon website EVERY month
You should be adding new offers, product news, hair stories every month as it gives you higher google rank and more visitors.

5. Use Social Media to entice clients to your salon’s website and build your brand
Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram….. all great free marketing platforms.

6. Offer hooks and enticements to get new salon clients
Give website visitors an instant “voucher” to ensure they call to make a salon appointment. We created a New Client Voucher that has been downloaded over 1,000 times in a month!

7. Write great articles about all your hairdressing services and products
Write website articles that get amazing Google rank and massive web traffic. We have articles at number 1 in the world on Google that bring thousands of people a day to the salon’s website!

8. Use tools like Salon Late Deals
Our clients in the US and UK use our Late Deals system to ensure they never have a quiet day in the salon. Every weekend they post “deals” to fill their empty appointments for the start of the coming week.

9. Manage your Salon’s online reputation through Reviews and Comments
Client feedback online can be powerful and dangerous. Take control of your online reputation.

10. Contact us for help
A 10 minute call to Salon Guru could transform your salon profitability.

the best Salon Websites