Late Deals for Salons


Every salon has empty appointments at some time -whether it's on a wet Monday morning or a last minute cancellation for one of your key staff. And the growth of coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social means that there are always clients looking for a last minute Salon Deal.

The Late Deals system from Salon Guru allows you to compete with coupon sites, fill your appointment book and attract new clients.  Unlike Coupons, you do not share the income.  This means you generate a lot more salon income and profit. This award-winning Salon Late Deals tool is available to all Salons in the UK, USA and Australia.

Late Deals is available to all our salon clients in the UK & USA as well as for external websites and facebook pages.

Click here for the costs of salon Late Deals

With Salon Late Deals you can  -

  • login and create your salon deals
  • edit deals
  • display deals on your own salon website
  • allow clients to claim a deal
  • add Paypal payment processing if wanted
  • see who has claimed any deal and track your calls or booking status


There are three key stages in our deals system - and you can try these out on pages that follow.

Salon Late Deals administration

This is the two part back-end system that allows you to login and create and edit your deals. Allowing salons to manage their own deals (without our help) is vital so that you can quickly and easily add appointment slots you want to fill.  The administration system automatically emails both the salon and the client when a deal is claimed and you can restrict the number available, the dates they display and any terms and conditions.

This is an example Late Deals Admin page - it can be styled to match your website's colours and layout. Please Note - use the password guru2011 to access this page.

Once deals have been created and some have been claimed, our Deals Status page allows your salon reception or admin team to manage the claims. Please use the password deals?2014 to access this page.

Salon Late Deals for clients

The 3rd part of the system is the client page where deals are displayed and claimed (or bought via Paypal).
Deals that are not yet live are hidden and each claim reduces the number available.
This is an example of a Late Deals page for clients - again it can be styled to perfectly match your website design
Late Deals for clients can also be displayed/claimed in a tab on your salon's Facebook page

Read about the costs of Salon Late Deals here