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GDPR, Privacy & Cookie Policy Set Up


1.     Send an email to the client along the lines of:


Could you possibly send me the following information so we can update your new website to ensure it is compliant with the latest data protection (GDPR) rules?  We will then add a privacy and cookie policy to your website.  If you have not registered with the ICO, you can do this here

I need to know:

Your Company Name: 

Trading As:

Company Number:

Your Website:

Your Data Protection Officer:

Address for all information requests and enquiries:  

2.      Once you have the information, log into backend of website and go to Privacy Policy.  Input the information your client has given you.  Decide on a colour for the Privacy Policy (usually in line with the colour scheme on the website – or just black, white or grey is fine too).  Save changes.

3.      Create a new PAGE called Privacy Policy.  Double check on whether this client is using Social Salon (or WiFi system).  If not, add the code [sg-privacy-policy-no-wifi].  If they are, add the code [sg-privacy-policy].  Publish the page.  Now amend the page H1 (top title) to Website & Online Privacy Policy.  So, to recap, the URL will be something like  BUT the page name will be Website & Online Privacy Policy.

4.      Create a new PAGE called Cookie Policy.  Add the code [sg-cookie-policy]  Publish the page.

5.      Go to Settings / SG Common Files.  Click on Cookie Notice so it says YES.  Save changes. 

6.      Now check that the blue Privacy / Cookie Policy strip appears when you log onto the home page.  Click on the Privacy Policy and check it looks OK – does the button show up OK?  Click on the Cookie Policy and check it looks OK – does the button show up OK?

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