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Facebook advertising campaigns: Key Steps

These are the steps to follow when planning a facebook adverts campaign.

On the website

What is the Offer?
What are the T&Cs.
What is the end date (can be extended later).
Create a page with a banner, text, download form and auto email.
Add banner to Home page and on Offers page (get the salon’s permission).

On Facebook

The Manager/advert creator needs to be..
1. Admin on the Page (Like 1st)
2. Added to adverts account (Friend the owner 1st)

More info here

What is the start and end date (as in T&Cs)?
What is the daily budge? Many start high (£50) and reduce after 5 days (£20).
Supply 5 or 6 images. Mike can make into 1200x627px banners with text (supply the text).
If the offer is also not “not been in 12 months” plan a client email.
If you extend the offer plan an email like this


If you extend the offer end-date update the page, email and adverts end date.
Please plan at least a week ahead for these to be created.
If they do not have budget hours arrange for an extra charge of 4 hours = £200+vat.

Advert examples (click to view)

FOX HairBliss Salons




Video adverts are about 1/4 of the cost per click. We need short videos at highest resolution (quality). We can crop and add slow mo.

Monaco 1
Monaco 2


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