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Email Lists

We receive quite a different selection of lists for your monthly e-shots so this is a guide is to help you know what you should and shouldn’t send in to us each month. 

  • Send lists in an Excel readable format (xls,csv etc)
  • Only include what is necessary!
    We receive a lot of lists that include data such as your customers home address, phone number, dates of birth, amount of their last order. Sending us this information is a GDPR breach. Please only send the clients name & email address. 
  • Only send us recent email addresses – 6 months old (max 1 year)
    Our bounce rates, or in other words bad/non-working email addresses that we send to must be below 5%. If you send old lists full of email addresses that don’t work anymore we risk having our entire email system suspended. There is NO advantage to you sending us old lists. You are likely to only annoy customers who have forgotten they signed up which will lead to complaints.
  • There is no need to send us complete lists each month – only new emails from last month will be OK
  • Check your list sizes
    We expect your lists to grow in size however, if the list you sent last month contained 5000 email addresses and your new list contains 10,000 emails we may send the list back. 
  • Please only send lists where you know the customer is happy to receive email marketing
    Knowingly sending emails to customers where they have not given you permission to send them newsletters is against GDPR. Customers MUST have given you permission to say they are happy to receive them. 
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